Where can I buy stink bugs?

I know this is a weired question but I am doing a science project to see the effect of Raspberry Renuzets on them and we have to repeated trials so I need a lot, I can't just go outside and take some because I wont find enough, So where can i buy them, I looked in pet shops but I didn't find any do you know of anywhere I can buy them??
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there are many stink insects but a few common ones are the clown beetle(Histeridae) and the Tree Stink Bug(Brochymena) and you can easly find them in your backyard depending on were you live. if you want to buy one i wouldn't really have a clue to start but maybe you can find one in a exotic pet shop.
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"You might have observed them moving on your own monitors or perhaps flapping about the house. It's not possible to mash these people, since they discharge any musty fragrance whenever scared, a new protective technique which includes earned all of them his or her brand—smell bugs. "
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