Where can i find information about william roper?

not necessarily easily wiped, i require a location where by they've a great deal of information regarding him
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"William Roper, 1496-1578. Was an English biographer and son-in-law of Sir Thomas More. His biography on Sir Thomas More was one of the first English ones to be published (1626 - written in 1535 approximately). You may find something about him by researching Sir Thomas More and/or his daughter (Roper's wife) Margaret (More) Roper. See if you can find anything about him by searching the Abstracts in the Reference Section of a college/university library. Speak to a librarian about your dilemma. There may be some extant article(s) about or alluding to him."
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"you will discover data mostly by wikipedia.William Rope-maker (d. 1496 – 4 January 1578) had been a Language biographer. Your boy of a Kentish man, he / she hitched Margaret, child associated with Mister Thomas Additional. They composed an extremely regarded as life story of his pops-in-practice of law. "
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