Where did all the smart people go?

I understand that we are all imperfect and cannot be ever vigilant of our actions, but has anyone noticed how often people are completely careless? They vomit out the first half-baked thought that pops into their heads. Being passionate about what you believe is one thing, but refusing to take a moment to organize your thoughts borders on arrogant stupidity. Am I just overly critical, or does anyone else feel this way?
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Overly critical, Joshua. Have a little compassion for the souls who answer questions with answers that you find inane or simplistic. I have found answers which I felt did not address the question or which were irrelevant or illogical. I try to read the intent rather than the literal text. For the most part the people who answer are trying to help and if I were asking I would appreciate their effort however ill conceived it was. Perhaps you will place my response in the stupid category; if you do, at least grant that I am not arrogant. In the course of my rather variegated life I have lived and worked with people in the lowest socioeconomic class. Believe it or not, I have always learned from them. Oh sure, there's a lot of chaff and ignorance too, but real stupidity is less common than you may imagine. Life is a stern teacher and the things they have taught me come from experience, not textbooks. I mention this only to lend credence to my answer: I have a doctorate in chemistry and my I.Q. score places me in the genius range. However, I am glad I don't have to relate the stupid things I have done, many of which were hilarious and some of which would call my sanity into question. Have a little charity Joshua. Lest I sound sanctimonious, I admit to being uncharitable to bigotry because it is impregnable to reason. On these occasions I want to excoriate the answerer and find it terribly hard to control my pen. I guess a summation of my response could be found in something a teacher once said to me: "Every man is my superior in that I can learn from him." The trick is to really listen and to ask the right questions.
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I have to begin with any debatable purpose 1st. Indeed, chance (plus timing) has a major part with person’utes achievements. Fortune on it's own would possibly not acquire one somewhere exclusive merely a little bit of good fortune goes quite a distance to get them to a much better area. The subsequent twitter update from my own leading man Ben Peters sums that improving very well:
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