Where did they find all the cannon fodder?

Where by did french and also English locate each of the cannon fodder for that Napoleonic wars when the population had not been all of that large long ago ?
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"Napoleon had a strict draft system that,by 1813,was combing the country and enlisting teenagers and men in their 60s.Client and allied states were also made to stump up significant contributions (in terms of numbers of men) for major campaigns.For example,less than half the 600,000+ men in Napoleon's army that invaded Russia in 1812 were French. As for Britain,army recruitment still worked theoretically on a volunteer basis.However,many convicted petty criminals were given the alternative of prison (or even transportation to Australia),or joining the army,by magistrates.Economic hardships also made the army attractive as an occupation for many during the Napoleonic Wars.Apart from regular pay,food,and clothing (uniforms),campaigns and battles abroad provided opportunities for loot and plunder.This was a viable alternative to starvation in an era when male life expectancy was still in the low 40s,so the dangers of war and battles were not as stark as they are today in comparison to civilian life."
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For Great britain,regular army enlisting placid worked in theory on the offer schedule.
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