Which industry encouraged coal mining first?

"Over the first Manufacturing Revolution. I am just pondering it was this cotton/textile sector, however I don't know whether or not there was clearly other companies that commenced employing ember simultaneously. Make sure you citation your current resources."
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"With the Industrial Revolution having its major beginnings in England, I'm not sure if the textile industry used it first, or if the development of steam-engine trains grabbed onto that power source first. I'd need to look each one up. They were probably close together in time. But then, any industry using steam energy would have used coal then. Textiles & railroads were both big-time industries, but then someone had to use machines powered by engines to manufacture the key parts of trains & probably mill equipment, too. I'd do some quick searching online - encyclopedia or something on the Industrial Revolution or Steam Power should do it."
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Because abundance, coal may be found in numerous areas of the entire world end-to-end background char excavation is still a significant business activities now.
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