Which 7 Wonder of The Ancient World was the most recent to fall?

Howdy Everyone! I wouldn't be pestering nevertheless that would seem far above my personal calibre.
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Lighthouse of Alexandria
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"The actual Several Amazing things around the globe (or perhaps the Vii Miracles with the Antediluvian Entire world) describes impressive improvements involving time-honored antiquity outlined aside numerous writers with guidebooks well-liked by the actual historic Hellenic holidaymakers, specifically in the 1st along with 2d generations BC. One of the most big of such, your types simply by Antipater connected with Sidon and a good observer labeled as Philo regarding Byzantium, consist of more effective works based across the easterly Med side. An original listing inspired countless versions with the age groups, usually itemizing several synonyms. With the authentic 7 Like a charm, only 1—the Great Pyramid connected with Giza, this most ancient on the antediluvian miracles—is always somewhat intact. "
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