Who are some important people that died in 1914?

Please help please?! I NEEED Assistance Five hundred;
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"George Frederick Baer Business 26-Sep-1842 26-Apr-1914 Social Darwinist railroad baron Adolph Bandelier Anthropologist 6-Aug-1840 18-Mar-1914 Native cultures of the American southwest Ambrose Bierce Author 24-Jun-1842 c. 1914 The Devil's Dictionary Joseph Chamberlain Politician 8-Jul-1836 3-Jul-1914 British pol revered in Birmingham Shelby M. Cullom Politician 22-Nov-1829 28-Jan-1914 Governor and Senator from Illinois Franz Ferdinand Royalty 18-Dec-1863 28-Jun-1914 Assassination touched off WWI Albert Gobat Politician 21-May-1843 16-Mar-1914 International Peace Bureau F. Augustus Heinze Business 1869 4-Nov-1914 Copper baron, went broke in the Panic of 1907 Paul von Heyse Author 15-Mar-1830 2-Apr-1914 L'Arrabbiata"
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