Who are the main participants in the war of 1812,?

Pluss - What is the nationwide symbolization will we get today via conflict 1812 .. What happend to be able to Napolen on account of the struggle 1812 besides What were being the main factors that cause the state of war 1812 Need after that replies by simply nine;00pm For dinner JAN.fifteenth ,2013
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"""Who are the main participants in the war of 1812?"" USA, Britain, Lower Canada. ""What were the main causes of the war 1812"" That is questionable. The USA often cites impressionment of US sailors into Royal Navy service and the Brits messing with the USAs trade and trading partners as the main reasons. The reason this is debated is a/ impressionment had basically died out as a practice before 1812, b/ the Brits had negotiated an accord with the USA that condemned the practice of trade interference and signed this agreement prior to The War of 1812, and c/ none of these causes for the war are noted anywhere on the USAs Declaration of War [its standard practice; just as FDR cited Pearl Harbour as a reason for going to war against Japan in WW2 countries when declaring war do give reasons]"
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