Who is included in the Middle Level of Management of any organization?

Can someone elaborate the Middle Level of Management of an organization has which kind of personals?
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"Middle managers are directly below the upper level management. In larger companies this level is broken down into junior middle level and senior middle level. This level of management consists of branch managers, plant managers, divisional managers and regional managers. Middle managers are responsible for completing the goals set by upper management. They communicate suggestions and feedback to upper level managers as well as motivate and assist the first level supervisors. 4 The daily functions of the middle managers are to interpret and explain any policies and procedures that are handed down from the upper management to the supervisors. They evaluate the performance of the first-level supervisors. Middle managers also provide reports and other data to the top-level management. 5 Upper level managers are the highest in the hierarchy. These positions are the board of directors, Chief Executive Officer, President, Vice President, Chief Financial, Chief Operational and Chief Informational Officers. These managers make decisions that affect the entire growth and course of the company. They are not involved in the day-to-day activities. Most upper level managers will possess advanced degrees such as a Masters in Business Administration, though it may not be required Read more: How to Identify Upper, Middle & Supervisory Levels of Management |"
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"Middle flat supervision could be the url among circus tent stage and also low level supervision along with executory of course. Your minds of the several retail mind receive orders in addition to tell on the top degree management or even managers and also go the idea with their subordinates (reduced levels supervisors). These kind of supervisors monitor, strong and command those activities regarding foremen, personnel in addition to administrators. That they receive reports connected with true effectiveness from their low level operators. They will study accounts as well as matter necessary instruction manual. In-between levels operators span the actual gap among two. It helps inside taking away mistake and make beneficial relationship among the levels of direction. Essential capabilities conducted with the middle flat administration are as follows: Professionals usually are held accountable pertaining to rendering and communication your procedures in the circus tent flat administration. That they ascertain organizational established of the departments. These people difficulty guidelines in order to low-level supervisors that they can tend to be standard on the best levels managing. Additionally , they perform inside stimulating subordinates regarding increased productiveness and also award these individuals for their excellent overall performance. Their own work should be to putting together record studies for the greatest flat management and also planning data with their division. Additionally they urge revised along with amended insurance policies of their particular departments"
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