Who is more evil hitler or Stalin?

Both of them are sort of unpleasant
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"Stalin's excesses were based on modernizing USSR and turning it into a major power. Hitler's excesses were based on an absurd racial theory."
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" Hitler killed people far FASTER than Stalin. As Snyder points out, most of the Nazi killings were concentrated in just 4 years of war (1941-45). Yet they managed to kill more people in that short time span than Stalin did over his entire 24-year rule. Also, we should take note of the fact that Hitler had plans to kill far, far more people after he won the war. As Snyder mentioned: ""Germany invaded the Soviet Union with elaborate colonization plans. Thirty million Soviet citizens were to starve, and tens of millions more were to be shot, deported, enslaved, or assimilated."" We know what Stalin would have done after he won the war, because he did win and got to carry out his plans. It was brutal, but it was nothing compared to what Hitler would have done if HE had won the war. The Holocaust was merely a preview. For this reason - because Hitler's plans were infinitely worse than Stalin's - I think we can safely say that Hitler was worse."
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