Why can't I cry anymore?

I used to be a really emotional person, I would cry, laugh, get angry, all of my emotions I could feel them but in May of 2012 I started taking 50mg of Zoloft, then in October my doseage increased to 100mg; which I am still taking. In the end of October I also started taking 10mg of Adderall. I can no longer cry, at all. I can be in a super sad mood and I still cannot cry, I can't cry tears of happiness either. I can't really feel any other emotions either, I am just an emotionless person.
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"I had a really long answer written, but deleted it, deciding I can ""cut to the chase"".... Did someone really really close to you die for no reason? If not, maybe you DONT HAVE A GOOD REASON TO CRY. Yes, things are not great right now, you are going thru some stuff, or you wouldn't be asking yourself ""why aren't I crying?"". But ya know what, maybe the fact that you are not crying is a good thing? And you should be proud of yourself, in spite of the fact that drugs might be helping ;-.> Good job!"
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Would somebody definitely actually close to you die for no more motive? Or else, you Please don't Use a Acceptable reason To be able to Meow.
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