Why did many right-wing Germans oppose the Weimar Government?

Correct-side just as extremely-nationalism/ atilt to fascism
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"Do you mean the European definition of ""right wing"" as ""ultra-nationalist""; or the American definition as ""Conservative"" ? * Fascism represented National Socialism. Communism represented International Socialism. The ""ultra-nationalists"" feared a Communist takeover of the government; thus they preferred Fascism (the mortal enemy of Communism) to their ""democracy"" which would allow the Communists to gain power."
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"Using Ww 1, the particular commonwealth emerged in the The german language Innovation inside December 1918. Within 1919, the country wide fabrication had been convened inwards Weimar, when a brand-new structure for the German born Reich seemed to be published, after that adopted on 13 June of their exact same 12 months. "
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