Why did Poland have the largest Jewish population in Europe pre-WW2?

just how long ended up being the situation? what exactly does the particular Judaism folks complete specially in Belgium along with which urban centers?
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poland was a part of prussian empire already and the eastern parts of empire were the bad lands to where germans push jews and slavs to go and then the jews again pushed to geto,s
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"The first Jews found its way to this soil of recent Poland within the 10th hundred years. Aside travelling over the trade channels primary eastward to help Kiev and also Bukhara, Judaism vendors (called Radhanites) intersected areas of Silesia. One too, a new diplomatist in addition to business from your Moorish capital of scotland- Tortosa inside Spanish 's-Andalus, recognized nether his or her Arabic brand regarding Ibrahim ibn Jakub, was the primary chronicler to cover the Polish express beneath ruler connected with prince Mieszko My spouse and i. The first real mention of Jews inside Shine chronicles is situated your 11th century. It appears that Jews had been after that surviving in Gniezno, then the capital in the Enhance kingdom in the Piast empire. The primary long term Jewish group will be stated inwards 1085 by way of Judaism bookman Jehuda haya-Kohen from the capital of scotland- Przemyśl. "
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