Why did the u.s lose in veitnam? (plz read description)?

depite the worry in the half mask principle and also application of the policy regarding containment the reason does this Ough.Second get rid of throughout veitnam
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"The U.S. lost in Vietnam because all their theories and policies meant nothing to the people of Vietnam who were fighting for their independence and for unification. For further reading on the U.S. in Vietnam, see: Source(s): Vietnam: A portrait of Its People at War - David Chanoff & Doan Van Toai A Viet Cong Memoir: An Inside Account of the Vietnam War and Its Aftermath - Truong Nhu Tang Sacred War: Nationalism and Revolution in a Divided Vietnam - William J. Duiker"
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"Areas numerous ideas on why (as well as whether or not) the US missing the particular war within Vietnam: The us served with the Vietnam warfare. Many of us would not lose it. Officially, i was non on battle, we had arrived consultants nevertheless the Congressional approval for you to battle inside Vietnam hasn't been offered. In case anyone lost it seemed to be the people involving Laos and Cambodia who came under Communistic guideline following your warfare."
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