Why have Jewish people often been financial backers or

"wherever performed many people get a great deal aureate or perhaps dollars? wherefore some sort of california king or stately would need to borrow money from them? or even any person for example? may explain? also..based on how very long was the situation? (Already know late that they had the history of currently being monetary backers regarding noble households technique just before Napoleonic Competitions even with the actual valid?)"
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"The old testament forbids what it calls usury, (lending money with interest) between Jews, Christians follwed the same principles, however they could lend to each other, and many Jews had accumulated wealth, as they were limited in places to spend it so had spare that was basically doing nothing. So they had the spare money to lend and gained interest on that, which meant they had more to lend, which gained interest, so they had more to lend, so on and so forth. Most of the princes in Europe ran their prinicipalities poorly and always needed money, the Jews were happy to oblige. The Rothschilds actually did the opposite to the above (well Nathan did anyway) he had come to England and been a succesful Cotton merchant in Manchester, when he went to London to start trading the stock market. His father Mayer Amshel had gained entry to the court of the Prince of Hesse, the Prince of Hesse, was probably the only person in Europe who knew how to run his Realm, he did so and had surpluses, and was the richest man in Europe, bar none. Nathan via his father struck a deal, he would invest all the Princes money in British bonds and ensure him an 8% (compound) return at the end, this was serious money when other Jews were offering 2% to 5%. Nathan then did precisely that and invested in Bonds, what he didn't inform the Prince was that these bonds were already paying betewwen 13% and 15%. That was only part, he then used these bonds as surety on other purchases of both bonds and shares, and then used those Bonds and shares as surety on other purchases, basically he leveraged to the hilt, and in many cases cornered the market in certain shares and manipulated the price, however he was very canny as he didn't go against the prevailing wind, he always sailed with it, taking any losses if they occured. All the guff you hear about Waterloo is mainly tripe, he merely realised that with the end of war, that the stock prices would rise steadily, peace would bring real riches, meanwhile the Prince was shouting for his money back, but nathan held his ground saying it would be folly to back out now and lose so much, hold on and reap the real dividends. Which he did, with peace the bond price slowly declined and eventually (about 1818 I believe) the price hit 8% and the prince received back all his money plus the interest (which was a lot more than the principle, so he had more than doubled his money) thus the richest Prince in Europe was full of praise for the Rothschilds, which meant they did more trade. After this they dealt mainly in commercial banking, nathan probably made double what the Prince did, just on bonds, let alone all the other leveraged purchases, and dealings over a 15 years period. Most of the stuff you read about the Rothschilds on the web is tripe, they were the richest people in Europe in the beginning of the 19th Century, they didn't even come close to the wealth of Rockefeller or Carnegie at the end ot the 19th Century. they run a very good well respected competant bank that deals with commercial mainly in Mergers and Aquisitions. All the tales about controlloing the world are baloney, the British empire by ensuring the distribution of wealth via Democracy and rule of Law, and bsaically creating the modern world, does not allow any group of people to control anything other than their little fiefdoms. There is no group rich enough nor powerful enough, if any tried there would be a Mexican/Chinese/Indian/Brazillian/Russia… $billionaire make a mockery of them."
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this role associated with Jews inside the go up of capitalism with The european countries, this position that the religion involving Judaism been on framing thought patterns in direction of dollars
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