Why is Yahoo Answers History section not more active?

"simply just seemed to be wondering the reason there are not hundreds of more questioners along with answerers in Ful!A history community...isthis can be a heritage forum that may be transmit globally? if that's the case..that could be ccc trillion individuals probable in the united states aand 62 zillion a lot more in great britan alone that can access this heritage community in addition to article issues or result? exactly why this background online community does not discover more active along with inquiries with the scholarly form?"
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Many people are reluctant to ask questions, when so many of the questions are criticized for content or grammar. It is similar to the shy kid in class that doesn't want to ask or answer questions because he is afraid his classmates will laugh at him. There are some questions so specific that the questioner, who already knows the answer, just wants to ask a 'gotcha' question in order to make fun of the person when he gives a wrong answer. Then there are some questions so general that the answerer can only guess what the question is asking. History is the kind of subject that one either loves or hates, there is no middle ground. Finally, there are some questions so esoteric that it would take an expert who got his PhD in the subject of the question to even come close to answering it.
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"Bing! Responses (earlier known as called Yokel! Q & The) is really a neighborhood-pushed dilemma-and-answer (Queen&Some sort of) situation or possibly a knowledge market introduced by means of Bing! with Summer 31, the year 2005 allowing users to be able to both send questions to always be responded to along with respond to questions questioned by additional users. The web page allows customers the opportunity to make items as a way to motivate engagement and is particularly determined by Naver's Cognition iN. "
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