Why the history written has lost its authenticity?

I really suck at History kindly tell the reason Why the history written has lost its authenticity?
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The authenticity of the history is lost due to those historians who wrote about such matters and nations to whom they were not even the part of. Source: http://us.docsity.com/en-video/Barbarian_Kingdoms__Intellectual_Life_after_the_Fall_of_Rome_-_The_History_of_European_Early_Middle_Ages_-_Paul_Freedman_-_Lecture_7_of_22
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The actual query with the historical genuineness with the Book involving Mormon is definitely a resource of competition 'tween associates of the Latter Day time Saint activity as well as low-associates. A lot of, and not just about all, Mormons retain the book's connection to antediluvian National record being an article of their particular trust. Even so, this survey locates no more approval outside of Mormonism.
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