"Why is the study of Consumer Involvement important for a marketer?"

Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. If a marketer is going for a investment in the market place than what is the role of Consumer Involvement in the process. Elaborate
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"Consumer involvement affects how consumers gather, comprehend and transmit information, make purchase decisions and make post-purchase evaluation. As the level of consumer involvement increases, the consumer has greater motivation to gather, comprehend, elaborate and assimilate on information. Thus a marketer needs to understand the process and design his marketing mix in a manner that can activate the involvement process to his favor. The study of consumer involvement can be useful for a marketer in the following ways: 1. The study of consumer involvement helps a marketer assess how the majority of your target market relates to the purchase of the particular product/service category, in terms of high/low involvement. If the majority of the target segment views it as a high involvement, the decision making becomes rational, although there may be an emotional and egoistic element too. For example, while buying an automobile, a rational mind would look to mileage, engine etc.; an emotional mind would think of color, aesthetics, style; and an egoistic mind would relate it to pride and prestige. On the other hand, if the majority of the segment treats it as of low involvement, the decision making becomes emotional. 2. The marketer could gain insights into high involvement and low involvement purchase situations, and accordingly bring about changes in his marketing strategy. For high-involvement purchases, the consumer searches for information extensively; thus a marketer the marketer needs to provide information about the product category as well as the brand. Marketing communication should focus on product features, attributes, benefits etc. Information on brand differences also needs to be emphasized upon. Longer format media need to be used like (i) print in newspapers, magazines, journals and brochures; (ii) videos. As far as low-involvement purchases are concerned, these are generally routine in nature; the marketer needs to use emotional appeals. Attempts should be made to create and maintain brand loyalty. Point-of-purchase stimuli, store display and attractive merchandise can also help boost sales. Advertising should focus on audio visual media through emotional appeals. 3. If a marketer is confronted with both high involvement and low involvement segments, he can deal with both the segments separately by bringing about changes in the marketing mix. However he needs to take such a decision after understanding the size and potential of each of such segments; if only a small segment operates on a lowinvolvement or on high involvement, may not be feasible to cater to both. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Consumer_Needs_and_Involvment_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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Though involvement has recently become a central issue to consumer researchers, substantial confusion exist as to its nature. In order to help reduce this confusion, the present paper identifies and discusses five distinct concepts which have all been labeled "involvement". The concepts of ego involvement, commitment, communication involvement, purchase importance, and response involvement are discussed as they relate to this evolving body of knowledge.
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