Why was queen elizabeth 1 a bad leader?

"Exactly why was double elizabeth a bad leader? i am carrying out ahistory try. i have gathered ideas about precisely why your lover became a good one, right now will any person understand several reasons why your woman was obviously a undesirable milkweed butterfly/leader/full/thiingy? :Debbie "
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"She was queen over a very successful part of English history. Her one obvious fault was that she had no children and so caused the succession crisis which required the Scottish King to become the English King as well. Even that wasn't all bad as it created the Union of Crowns which led to the eventual establishment of the United Kingdom."
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"The situation of the delivery of Betty, Queen of Scottish can be meaning(a). Apparently Electronic needed to agree to your setup since your woman would have been a destabilizing push, high would certainly be individuals who would work with the woman's to try to upset Electronic. Withal, the particular execution would not result in the land safer, this task added our planet's best dark blue for you to the woman's land to try and overturn the girl. "
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