Would Uk surrender to the german if it wasn't for the English Channel during WW2?

In terms of I am involved Yes naturally
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"If it hadn't been for the Atlantic Ocean there would be no American Continent, just a bigger Europe or Africa. Hypothetical rubbish. However, in the idiom of what you are trying to get at, if Great Britain had not been isolated from the rest of the continent of Europe then they would not have been so ill prepared with their land forces as they were. As a consequence far more divisions would have been available on land to oppose the German invasion of France. Many more too would have been available to come to the aid of their forward troops to cut through the german extended line and bring victory to the allies much earlier than happened. The weakness that German forces exploited by attacking through the Ardennes forest would not have existed. As to your insulting remarks to @Lomax, I was not pleased. Firstly the French were not cowards. It was the failure of their Generals to plan for the more modern warfare that the Germans employed. The swift defeat that was inflicted upon them by superior tactics did not eradicate the french fighting spirit. Far from it for the Free French forces and the French Resistance played an important role in the final victory over Germany. Any war, historically, is invariably laden with losses and some failures. Is it not the end, the destruction of the Nazis and Adolf Hitler and his maniacal followers that is the important issue. Don't make it petty. Don't make it personal. If you do, you will be no better than those you seek to admonish."
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