Write a note on the profile of an Innovator.

Some one have the details of the innovator in the context of the Consumer Behavior Concept.
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"Not all people are receptive to innovative offerings. People vary in degree with respect to their receptivity towards new product/service offerings. This has been dealt with in the section above, where we have also discussed the categories of innovators. The marketer needs to have an understanding on what constitutes an “innovator”, and what differentiates him from late adopters or non-innovators, so that he can design his marketing mix, and more specifically the promotion mix accordingly. The traits/qualities/ characteristics that differentiate an innovator from a non-innovator, indicate that separate media and message strategy need to be formulated for the two of them. For innovators, the marketer should focus on the print media with informative and rational appeal. On the other hand, for the late adopters and the rest of them, the marketer should focus on the audio-visual media with social and emotional appeals. Innovators are those consumers’ who are the first to go and purchase a new product or service offering; they comprise 2.5 percent of the target market(s) adopters, and they purchase the new product and service offering not because they possess a need, but because they desire new ideas and concepts, and seek product and service innovations. They have the interest and inclination to buy the “new”; and also have the purchasing power and the access to do so. They possess the following traits/qualities/ characteristics: a) Innovators are not “generic”; b) Consumer innovators are generally younger than late adopters or non-innovators; c) After a while, innovators tend to become opinion leaders. Innovators possess a level of interest in the product/service category; d) Innovators also possess certain personality traits. e) Innovators also possess certain purchase, usage and consumption characteristics, which differentiate them from non-innovators. Source:"
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