Write about the different types of Schedulers.

Please provide the Schedulers types. Explain with details.
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"It refers to publishing the actual perl component which usually tools your interface between Gm career manager as well as the nearby scheduler. Consult the project Supervisor Scheduler User interface part of that manual for a better research for the Perl quests which can be utilised hither. The scheduler program is actually implemented as being a Perl component the industry subclass in the Globus::G::JobManager mental faculty. It's brand must lucifer the actual scheduler form chain secondhand when the assistance is actually mounted. For your LSF scheduler, your title can be lsf , hence the mental faculty epithet can be Globus::GRAM::JobManager::lsf and it's trapped in the file cabinet . Though there are several approaches in the JobManager screen, they only people that probably have to become implemented inside a scheduler faculty are generally post, study, stop"
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"This particular training talks about the actual actions needed to create a Gm Employment Supervisor Scheduler interface package deal. The viewers because of this training can be a someone keen on including help for just a fresh scheduler program to GRAM. This specific article will certainly suppose many familiarty with GTP, autoconf, automake, along with Perl. Like a reference, this specific training will certainly consider your value in the LSF Work Supervisor package deal. "
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"Types of schedulers : There are basically three types of schedulers : (1) Long Term Scheduler : This Scheduler determines which job will be submitted for immediate processing. It selects from the job pool and loads them into memory. (2) Short Term Scheduler : It is also called a CPU Scheduler. It allocates processes belonging to ready queue to CPU for immediate processing. (3) Medium Term Scheduler : It is also called as Memory Scheduler. During the execution processes are swapped-out and swapped-in by the Medium Term Scheduler. Source:"
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