Write down the application where clustering algorithm can be used?

List the applications for which clustering algos can be used.
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Applications that clustering algo Can be applied on are –Marketing – group of customers with similar behaviour–Biology – classification of plants & animals–Libraries – book ordering–Insurance – identifying groups of motor insurance policy holders–Earth quake studies – cluster observed earthquake epicenters –www – document classification–City planning – identifying groups of houses acc. To their house type. Source:http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Mobile_Computing_-_Wireless_Mobile_Clustering_-_Anurag_Malik
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Flora and animate being ecologycluster anaysis is utilized to explain and make spatial in addition to temporal role reviews associated with residential areas (assemblages) of plant structur inwards heterogenous circumstances; it is additionally used in flora systematics to get synthetic phylogenies or groupings involving microorganisms (people) with the species, genus or maybe more flat of which write about numerous features
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