Write down the uses of massonary materials.

I am going to attend a convention at my college where this subject is going to be discussed. I am conducting a personal research and I need all the relevant data that could help me attend these matters in a professional way. Please guys do let me know if you have any sort of info related to my question. Ty!
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The particular craft, hobby and use of building with organic or perhaps man-made gemstone involving pit quarrying, keen, attire, jointing and also laying. Brickwork kinds contain ashlar, cyclopean and also detritus.
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Construction consists of formed as well as shaped devices, unremarkably small sufficient to get taken care of by simply one homo and made up of gemstone, porcelain large rock, or maybe roofing tile, cement, cup, adobe brick, or perhaps the like. The definition of masonry is oftentimes helpful to designate cast-inside-place concrete.
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"Moisture resistance –weathering index for brick –bond and detailing –expansion or shrinking from water •provide control joints •parapets, corners, long walls Source :"
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