Write in brief about the Evolution of Operating System?

Can you determine briefly the Operating system evolution in past ?
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"Evolution of Operating System : The evolution of various types of operating systems can be briefly described as follows : (1) Batch System : This type of Operating System was used in the earlier age. To speed up processing, jobs with similar needs were batched together and were run through the computer as a group. The definitive feature of a batch system is the lack of interaction between the user and the job while that job is executing. In this execution environment, the CPU is often idle. (2) Multi programming System : In this type of Operating System, more than one program-mes will reside into main memory. The Operating System picks and begins to execute one of the jobs in the memory. Eventually, the job may have to wait for some task, the Operating System simply switches to and executes another job. When the first job finishes waiting and gets the CPU back. As long as there is always some job to execute, the CPU will never be idle. (3) Time Sharing System : A Time-Shared Operating System allows the many users to share the computer simultaneously. A time-shared Operating System uses CPU scheduling and Multi-programming to provide each user with a small portion of a time-shared computer. (4) Real Time Operating System : Real Time Operating System is a special purpose Operating System, used when there are rigid time requirements on the operation of a processor or the flow of data. (5) Process Control System : Process Controls are dedicated Systems. They are dedicated to single application. Thus there is no need to manage sharing among concurrent application programs. (6) Distributed System : A Distributed System is an interconnection of two or more nodes, but the processors do not share memory. These Systems are also called as loosely Coupled Systems. Source: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Fundamentals_of_Operating_Systems__Lecture_notes__Poonam_Sharma"
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"A brief history linked to computer techniques recapitulates using a total this the last linked to desktops. "
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