Write a short note on perceived quality of products and imagery?

Can you explain the phenomenon of the products and imagery perceived quality?
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"Consumers judge the quality of the product offering on the basis of internal and external cues; internal cues refer to the physical characteristics internal to the product or service, like size, color, etc. while extrinsic cues refer to cues that are external to the product or service, like price of the product, brand image, retail store image, or the country of origin. Such cues provide us with information about the product or service quality. For some product offerings, the quality can be assessed using intrinsic cues or physical characteristics: - flavor, aroma etc.: bakery products, ice creams etc. - color: mouthwash, detergent soaps etc. For other product offerings, the quality cannot be wholly and accurately assessed using such intrinsic cues or by experience alone; the consumer depends on extrinsic cues to assess quality: - price: the higher the price, the better the quality: Dell, Sony - brand image: Samsung - manufacturer’s image: BMW, Merc - retail store image: Spencer, Shopper’s Stop - country of origin: Electronics: Japan; Rubies: Myanmar; Gold: Dubai Source:"
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