Write a short note on the ELM model and attitude formation/change.

Explain in details the The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) of Consumer Process subject?
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"The Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM): The Elaboration likelihood Model, speaks of attitude formation and change in context of a consumer’s exposure towards an advertisement, and the level of involvement. As per the ELM Model, a change in consumer attitudes may be brought about through two routes to persuasion, viz., the central route and the peripheral route. In cases of high involvement, attitude change towards a product and/or brand would occur when the consumer would search for information related to the offering. The consumer would also have a high need of cognition, and would put in effort to gather and comprehend information about the object in question. This would result in learning and also lead to attitude change that would occur via the central route to persuasion. Thus, in cases of higher involvement, the consumer lays focus on “central” product related information; comprehension is deeper; extent of elaboration is higher and all this impacts attitude towards the brand. On the other hand in cases of low involvement, attitude change towards a product and/or brand would occur via the peripheral route to persuasion. There would be a lower involvement with the product and/or brand message, with a focus on the “peripheral” or the non-product related information (beautiful ads, attractive models, discounts, free samples, etc); comprehension is shallow; extent of elaboration is low all this impacts attitude towards the advertisement rather than the brand. To conclude, when actual and potential consumers put in effort to gather, comprehend and evaluate information about the product and/or brand, they exhibit higher levels of motivation and ability. In such cases, learning and attitude change would occur via the central route. Source:"
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The actual working out probability design (ELM) of salesmanship can be a double procedure theory involving the way behaviour usually are created and improved that was manufactured by Richard Electronic. Petit larceny as well as Steve Cacioppo noisy . 1980s (understand also mindset adjust).
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