Write short notes on Social class mobility.

Hello to everyone on this website. Can any one provide the details of the Social Class Mobility?
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"People in community can move from one strata to another. They can move either up or down the social class; this mobility gets exhibited in two forms. One, individuals can move either up or down in social-class standing across generations, i.e. while their parents may have belonged to one strata, they begin to belong to another, either upper or lower. Two, such a transition may also be seen through one’s life, i.e. as a person becomes independent and starts earning, he may belong to one class and as he progresses in life, he may begin to belong to another. Upward mobility is more common and is generally the trend these days. Source:"
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"Social freedom is the movements of folks as well as groupings inwards sociable standing up societal situation . "
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