Write the methods for Detecting a Deadlock.

Can you provide some methods of Deadlock Detection?
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"Deadlock Detection : If a system does not employ either a Deadlock-Prevention or a Deadlock Avoidance Algorithm, then a Deadlock Situation may occur. In this environment - An algorithm that examines the state of the system to determine whether a Deadlock has occurred. An algorithm to recover from the Deadlock. Single Instance of Each Resource Type : If all resources have only a single instance, then we can define a Deadlock Detection Algorithm that uses a variant of the Resource-Allocation Graph, called a Wait-For Graph. We obtain this graph from the Resource-Allocation Graph by removing the nodes of type resource and collapsing the appropriate edges. Several Instances of a Resource Type : The Wait-For Graph Scheme is not applicable to a Resource-Allocation System with multiple instances of each resource type. The algorithms used are : Available Allocation Request Source:"
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