Can you define the Knowledge Management Systems of an organization?

Please elaborate the Knowledge Management Systems of an organization?
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"In the event our account above makes the meaning of scalping systems seem to be obscure, the reason is there is absolutely no comprehensive agreement as to what is really a understanding operations method, similar to there is absolutely no consensus relating to Kilometres. Moreover, given that Kilometres will be involved in every area on the agency, pulling A line is quite hard. "
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"All staff study lessons through another person’S errors along with consider attributes of each other’ohydrates attainments. Brand-new along with current workers acquire work cognition more rapidly, reducing preparation time and offering better occupation choice. "
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"Knowledge Management Systems (""KMS"") exist to help businesses create and share information. These are typically used in a business where employees create new knowledge and expertise - which can then be shared by other people in the organisation to create further commercial opportunities. Good examples include firms of lawyers, accountants and management consultants. KMS are built around systems which allow efficient categorisation and distribution of knowledge. For example, the knowledge itself might be contained in word processing documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations. internet pages or whatever. To share the knowledge, a KMS would use group collaboration systems such as an intranet. Source:"
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