Can you explain the Physical Risk included in the Perceived Risk types?

Hi all, need help!!!!!! Please provide the perceived risk type of Physical risk?
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"Physical Risk: this kind of a risk is perceived when a consumer doubts about his and his family’s safety with respect to the usage of a product? It refers to the dangers that the product usage could bring with itself. Example: Will cooking in the microwave oven emit harmful radiation and kill food nutrients, or will consumption of food cooked in a microwave lead to cancer? Or. Will it lead to shocks and short circuit in times of voltage fluctuation? Source:"
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"A secure, healthful environment is central to the consider total well being. Men and women inside the European have never were living so very long as well as endurance is raising. Even so, there may be even now an important a higher level preventable illness along with death prior to a day of sixty five decades. Bodily challenges in many cases are connected with injuries, certain kinds of cancers, microbe infections, respiratory system health problems and also environmental aspects. "
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