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Chapter 2 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Exam, Exams of Nursing

Chapter 2 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Exam

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Available from 07/08/2024

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Download Chapter 2 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Exam and more Exams Nursing in PDF only on Docsity! Chapter 2 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Exam In participative management - Correct Answers ✅employees are involved in the company's decision making. Which of the following is not a way teams help organizations to succeed? - Correct Answers ✅Increase groupthink among members Groupthink refers to - Correct Answers ✅the willingness of individual group members to withhold contrary or unpopular opinions, even when those objections are legitimate, and to go along with majority opinion. A hidden agenda refers to - Correct Answers ✅individuals' private, counterproductive motives You and several coworkers serve on a task force charged with updating the company personnel policy manual. To proceed effectively, you should concentrate on - Correct Answers ✅ensuring that all members have a clear and shared sense of purpose ________ are informal standards of conduct that team members share. - Correct Answers ✅Group norms Group members who are motivated mainly to fulfill personal needs play a(n)_______role. - Correct Answers ✅self-oriented Chapter 2 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Exam One member of a task force on which you serve is particularly good at helping other members get along and work through their differences. This individual plays a(n)_________ role. - Correct Answers ✅team- maintenance The first phase that a new team typically goes through is - Correct Answers ✅orientation Only one sales representative can go to the conference in Hawaii, but both Susan and Sean want to go. After much discussion and arguing, they draw straws and Susan gets the trip. This is an example of - Correct Answers ✅a win-lose situation When it comes to overcoming resistance in groups, it is a good idea to - Correct Answers ✅deal directly with resistance When composing collaborative messages, the best strategy is to - Correct Answers ✅avoid composing as a group "Virtual offices" that give everyone on a team access to the same set of resources and information are called - Correct Answers ✅shared workspaces Chapter 2 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Exam Selective listening refers to - Correct Answers ✅letting one's mind wander until something personally relevant is said. In part, poor listening occurs because listeners - Correct Answers ✅can think faster than speakers can speak Touch - Correct Answers ✅is governed by cultural customs that establish who can touch whom and when Which of the following is not an important consideration related to etiquette in the workplace? - Correct Answers ✅Your height and weight When receiving business-related phone calls - Correct Answers ✅you should use frequent verbal responses (such as, "I see") to show that you are listening. A new co-worker from Russia asks you about North American greeting customs. You should explain that in most business contexts, - Correct Answers ✅a firm handshake is expected when two people meet When introducing yourself to someone in a business context, you should always include a brief description of - Correct Answers ✅your role in the company Chapter 2 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Exam Using mobile phones during meetings is - Correct Answers ✅now restricted or prohibited in many organizations When it comes to online etiquette - Correct Answers ✅do not assume that people are available to discuss work matters around the clock Cross-functional teams - Correct Answers ✅are vulnerable to tensions, since the diversity of opinions and experiences they bring together The two most common reasons for unsuccessful teamwork are - Correct Answers ✅lack of trust and poor communication The interactions and processes that take place among the members of a team are known as - Correct Answers ✅group dynamics "Dream teams" composed of multiple superstars - Correct Answers ✅often yield disappointing results because members struggle to put team needs above their own. Chapter 2 Mastering Team Skills and Interpersonal Communication Exam During the _______ phase of group development, the team clarifies and summarizes the agreed-upon solution, and team members receive their assignments for carrying out the group's decision - Correct Answers ✅reinforcement Teams that have interpersonal friction - Correct Answers ✅can excel with effective leadership and team players committed to strong results When working in teams, getting your point across - Correct Answers ✅is easier when you wait until others are ready to hear your arguments When a team that has never worked together collaborates on communication efforts, - Correct Answers ✅it's important to give members time to bond before getting down to business The primary difference between a standard wiki and an enterprise wiki system is - Correct Answers ✅enterprise wiki systems offer additional features for business use An extranet is - Correct Answers ✅a restricted website available to employees and to outside parties by invitation only
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