Characteristics of the Social State - Political Sociology - Exam, Exams for Sociology. Aliah University

Characteristics of the Social State - Political Sociology - Exam, Exams for Sociology. Aliah University

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Characteristics of the Social State, Feature of Modernization, Modernist Theories of Nationalism, Ernest Gellner Theory, Preparations for Warfare, Modern Nation State, Origins and Changing Character, Modern State, Streng...
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Semester 2 Autumn Repeat Examinations 2011/ 2012 Exam Code(s) 2BA1, 2BA6, 2BHR1, 2BFS1, 2BWM1, 2BIS1, 2BCS1,

1OA1, 1EM Exam(s) Sociological & Political Studies Module Code(s) SP219 Module(s) Political Sociology Paper No. Repeat Paper

External Examiner(s) Dr. John Barry

Dr. Iain Wilkinson Internal Examiner(s) Professor Chris Curtin

Dr. Niall O Dochartaigh


Answer THREE questions

Duration 2 Hours

No. of PagesSchool: Political Science & Sociology Course Co-ordinator(s) Dr. Niall O Dochartaigh Requirements: NONE Release to Library: Yes

SP219Political Sociology Answer THREE questions. Time allowed: TWO Hours 1. Why is nationalism an essential feature of modernization, according to

modernist theories of nationalism? Evaluate Ernest Gellner’s theory of nationalism.

2. How important were warfare, and preparations for warfare, to the development

of the modern nation-state? 3. How have theorists sought to explain the origins and changing character of the

modern state? 4. EITHER

What are the main characteristics of the ‘social’ state? Please use examples in your answer.


How does T. H. Marshall theorise the relationship between citizenship and social class? What are the strengths and weaknesses of his theory?

5. Discuss some of the ways in which rulers seek to legitimate their rule. 6. Which approach, in your view, is better at explaining the emergence of new

social movements: resource mobilisation theory (RMT) or new social movement theory (NSMT)?

7. Weber described the growth of rationalization in society as an "iron cage".

Discuss this with reference to his ideas on state bureaucracy. 8. How does globalisation affect the position of the nation-state? Are forces of globalisation more likely to impede or foster nationalist claims?

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