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CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy, Exams of Nursing

CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy

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Download CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy and more Exams Nursing in PDF only on Docsity! CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy Emma Willard - Correct Answers ✅Wrote and disseminated views on opening higher education to women. Opened Troy Female Seminary to prepare professional teachers. Friedrich Froebel - Correct Answers ✅Founded the first kindergarten. German. nature primary source. Teacher as warm moral and cultural supportive model. Prudence Crandall - Correct Answers ✅Found school for girls that admitted black in Canterbury, Connecticut. Maria Montessori - Correct Answers ✅First female physician in Italy. Carefully prepared environment for young children with working materials and individualized learning. Mary McLeod Bethune - Correct Answers ✅African American. First child in family born out of slavery. Founded a school that became Bethune-Cookman College. Became influential presidential advisor. Sylvia Ashton-Warner - Correct Answers ✅Flamboyant and eccentric. Developed key vocabulary system for teaching reading to young children. Wrote influential best sell Teacher. CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy Kenneth Clark - Correct Answers ✅First AA to receive a doctorate in psychology from Columbia University. Doll study: black kids wanted white dolls. Cited in Supreme Court Brown v. Board. Paulo Freire - Correct Answers ✅Committed to education of poor and oppressed. Teachers should work towards making students concerned about social issues. Student Centered teaching. John Dewey - Correct Answers ✅Established laboratory school at University of Chicago. Progressive education. Broaden school program to include health concerns, family and community issues, and vocational education. Applied applied new research in psychology and social science to classrooms. More democratic educational approach, interest and needs of students. Criticism from far right political forces and and traditional teacher centered theorist. 1930's 8 year study determined progressive teaching better than traditional. Latin Grammar School - Correct Answers ✅Colonial school for wealthy boys ages 7-14 only. Latin, Greek, math, science, and modern languages taught. Segregation - Correct Answers ✅de jure segregation- segregation by law. de facto segregation- result of segregated residential patterns, that were prompted by discriminatory real estate practices. CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy Arab Americans - Correct Answers ✅About 3 million. Experienced prejudice, especially since 9/11. Arabs are a cultural group, not necessarily Muslim. Culture enjoys close proximity, may be louder than Americans, value punctuality, generally farther behind in women's rights. Hispanics - Correct Answers ✅Approximately one fourth of today's kindergartener's are Hispanic. Largest minority in U.S. 45 million. Asian Americans - Correct Answers ✅15 million in U.S. Benjamin Franklin Academy - Correct Answers ✅New secondary school to replace the Latin grammar school. Free of religious influence and offering practical subjects. Elective courses offered. Accepted both boys and girls. Eventually 6 thousand academies established. Originally Franklin Academy became University of Pennsylvania. Colonial Education vs. Present U.S ed. - Correct Answers ✅Today we have free education for all children regardless of race or gender that is supported by tax money, free of religious influence, and practical. Morrill Land Grant College Act - Correct Answers ✅Established 69 institutions of higher learning in various states. CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy Essentialism - Correct Answers ✅Teacher centered philosophy. William Bagley 1930's. Core curriculum. Rigid and rigorous. Back to basics- fundamental skills and subjects. High standards for graduation and promotion. Discipline, effort, and hard work. Purpose of school to prepare students to be productive contributing members of society. Teacher is expert of content and authority. Student's role is to listen and learn. Standardized assessment. Sound proven instructional methods. Perennialism - Correct Answers ✅Teacher centered. Universal truths and values. Study of classic literature and arts. Connections of humans through time. Develop reason and morality. Emphasis on humanities and great books. Focus on concepts rather than facts. Learning for learning sakes. Purpose of schools to lead students to discover truth and make logical choices. Teacher is the dispenser of knowledge and authority figure, but also a guide. Student's role- be a rational being who absorbs knowledge. Direct instruction and Socratic method. Curriculum is traditional subjects along with arts. Assessment- objective exams and essay exams. Progressivism - Correct Answers ✅Student centered. Real learning occurs through problem solving. Knowledge obtained through interaction with people and things. Cooperative learning rather than competition. Process more important than product. Students active, self-motivated and have unique needs and interest. Role of teacher is to guide and facilitate not direct. Curriculum is integrated and focused on interest of learners. CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy Social Reconstructionism - Correct Answers ✅Students out in real world dealing with real world problems. Theory with practice. intellect with activism. Purpose of schools emphasize societies need for change. Role of teacher- Model of democratic actions and exude passion for social action. Role of student- Hope for future growth and change. Curriculum focus- social, economic, and political issues. Existentialism - Correct Answers ✅No subject matter is any more important than another. Pass or fail grades, nothing between. No core courses. No corporal punishment. Emphasis on self discovery. No single set of learning outcomes appropriate for all students. Student's shouldn't have to attend classes, take exams, or receive grades. Role of student- choose what they want to learn and take responsibility to learn it. dame - Correct Answers ✅Colonial schools where well respected women taught. normal schools - Correct Answers ✅Schools first started in Massachusetts to prepare teachers to teach. English classical school - Correct Answers ✅First free secondary school. Established in Massachusetts became high school. Replaced Academies. CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy modification- rewards are gradually lessened as students master targeted behavior. Behavior produces its own reward. Socratic method - Correct Answers ✅Repeated questioning, disproving, and testing of students to help them find the truth within their own minds. Plato - Correct Answers ✅Founded the Academy. Intellect the highest human faculty should be trained to control spirit and appetite. Aristotle - Correct Answers ✅Founded the Lyceum. More importance than Plato on physical world. Notion of the Golden mean of virtues. metaphysics - Correct Answers ✅Origin and structure of reality. epistemology - Correct Answers ✅Nature and origin of human knowledge. materialism - Correct Answers ✅Only the physical realm exist. idealism - Correct Answers ✅The physical world is an illusion that exist only to teach us high spiritual principles. CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy Cartesian dualism - Correct Answers ✅Reality is both materialism and idealism. rationalism - Correct Answers ✅Power of reason, in particular logic to derive truth. deductive reasoning - Correct Answers ✅Teachers present general rule and aid students to find particular examples and applications. inductive reasoning - Correct Answers ✅Teachers help students draw generalizations after having observed specific instances. opposition to common school movement - Correct Answers ✅Tax payers didn't want more taxes. Private schools didn't want competition. Over-educated populous questioning authority and promoting self- interest. Decrease in child labor. Chinese. - Correct Answers ✅1850 many came for California Gold rush. Immigration act of 1882, further immigration blocked. Violent discrimination and ghettos called Chinatowns. 1949, U.S granted refugee status to Chinese because of communist government. Most today on average receive higher income and education that whites. CLEP College Mathematics Exam Questions with 100% Accuracy Filipino - Correct Answers ✅Recruited to work in Hawaii and mainland after 1898 Spanish-American war, U.S annexed. Tydings- McDuff Act of '34, promised Philippines Independence and limited immigration. '65 Act increased immigration. 2nd largest Asian American group. Indians - Correct Answers ✅Came as traders and to escape British exploitation in 1880's. Legal restrictions. 46' Indians allowed to migrate. Today most are highly educated professionals. Japanese - Correct Answers ✅Japanese came in large #'s after legal emigration in 1886. Anti Japanese acts. Fear and prejudice after pearl Harbor, relocation camps. High income and education. Southeast Asians - Correct Answers ✅Refugees from Vietnam war, Cambodian and Laotian refugees in '70's. Called boat people, almost half died before reaching U.S. Mexican Americans - Correct Answers ✅After U.S war with Mexico, Mexicans in U.S territories allowed to stay, but put under separate but equal status of AA. Today most immigrants and migrants are Mexican and in rural sections of California, Texas, and Florida. Cubans - Correct Answers ✅Increased following Castro-led revolution of 1950's. Primarily well educated middle and upper class,
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