E commerce syllabus of du, Thesis for Knowledge Management

E commerce syllabus of du, Thesis for Knowledge Management

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It's a Delhi University e commerce syllabus pattern for 2 year students
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B. Com. Semester IV

E-commerce - Syllabus

Unit Title Details of Topic

Unit I Introduction to E-


E-commerce: The revolution is just beginning, E-

commerce : A Brief History, Understanding E-commerce:

organizing Themes

Unit II E-commerce business

models and concepts,

The internet and

World Wide Web: E-



E-commerce Business Models, Major Business to

Consumer (B2C) business models, Major Business to

Business (B2B) business models, Business models in

emerging E-commerce areas, How the Internet and the

web change business: strategy, structure and process, The

Internet: Technology Background, The Internet Today,

Internet II- The Future Infrastructure, The World Wide

Web, The Internet and the Web : Features

Unit III Building an e-

commerce web site,

Security and


Building an E-commerce Web Site: A systematic

Approach, The e-commerce security environment, Security

threats in the e-commerce environment, Technology

solution, Management policies, Business procedures, and

public laws, Payment system, E-commerce payment

system, Electronic billing presentment and payment

Unit IV E-commerce

marketing concepts,

Online retailing and


Consumer online: The Internet Audience and Consumer

Behaviour, Basic Marketing Concepts, Internet Marketing

Technologies, B2C and B2B E-commerce marketing and

business strategies, The Retail sector, Analyzing the

viability of online firms, E-commerce in action: E-tailing

Business Models, Common Themes in online retailing,

The service sector: offline and online, Online financial

services, Online Travel Services, Online career services

Unit V Social networks,

auctions, and portals

Social networks and online communities, Online auctions,

E-commerce portals

Books Recommended:

1. Kenneth C. Laudon, E-Commerce : Business, Technology, Society, 4th Edition, Pearson 2. S. J. Joseph, E-Commerce: an Indian perspective, PHI

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