form of government and the drawbacks

form of government and the drawbacks

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drawback of parliamentary government
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2 What are the drawbacks in the current form of government?

1. No strong political party is a defect in Indian political system

In India, in the beginning there was Congress as major party and had ruled consecutively. The benefit of major and strong political party is that it can do what is good to people and at the same time power can be misused. The strongest party has become degraded due to misuse of power clamping emergency. The misuse of power has shattered the Congress party into pieces. At the same time, negligence towards local feelings gave rise to the regional parties. Regional parties can never think about unity and integrity of nation. They only can think of regional benefit. The negligence of national party at local level has terminated its influence. Now, the Indian political system is run on regional parties and sub- regional parties which are leading to multiple party system at state level. At centre, we have no choices than Congress as most of the minorities fear selecting the substitution.

2. Caste politics is dangerous in political system of India

Caste politics is the worst scenario in India. These are deeply rooted in villages of India. There are villages which support political parties on caste basis. If village has more people belong to one community, the entire community supports the party which belongs to same caste. Through this, other castes of these villages are harassed. They cannot get welfare programmes designed by government. The ineligible persons enjoy these programmes. This is the main reason for the high poverty in villages even though poverty eradication specific programmes are launched.

3. Inheritance in politics is not to be encouraged

Even it is not different from family politics, it differs, as it is given at the time of demise of a leader. Every political party is offering seat to the family members of leader. If this is the situation when we can see normal people rise to power. Youth are completely debarred from politics. The youth in our Parliament are from families which have political backgrounds.

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