German core values

German core values

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German core values from Giuliano Puglia

Germany is one of the most powerful countries in Europe, at least it is believed, because we have a strong economy. However, we have many core values, and in I like to talk about these core values.

There must be order:

A key concept in German life is “Ordnung”, or order. The phrase “Ordnung muss sein” means that order “must be”. It reflects the belief that there is a natural order and system in everything. The object of life is to analyze everything to find that order and system, and then to apply it. Inculcating that search for order and meaning, and showing how it is applied, is the function of German education and social t raining. Order is what gives a secure basis to life. Disorder is deeply unsettling for the Germans, and therefore their first aim in any difficult situation is to search for and re- establish order. Germans also like to plan everything in forward. Here is an example; A German firm will plan an event, months ahead, knowing that circumstances are likely to change before the event itself. Their search for order means that they prefer to spend time replanning every time circumstances change rather than to leave the whole thing until a short time before (as the French, Italians, and Spaniards might do) and just do it once. But this is only one of many German core values. I will just mention a few; The duty is also onre of the most important core values but there is also the work and social life.

Giuliano Puglia

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