Information Technology – Jobs, Employees, Satisfaction, Master's thesis for Management Theory. Shivaji University

Information Technology – Jobs, Employees, Satisfaction, Master's thesis for Management Theory. Shivaji University

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This is general research understand employees of Kolhapur City.
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Information Technology –




Mr. Maheshkumar D. Mohite, MBA


(Date of Publish 15/ 11 / 2017 )

Published in google blogs of Aary Infoline Organization


This research has shown that general observation of Job satisfaction of employees towards

Information Technology companies. As some researcher told that satisfied employees are

productive otherwise it is less productive. HR department and companies want to measure

employee job satisfaction. This general research understands job satisfaction of employee’s

in IT’s Companies, understanding factors influencing Job satisfaction and determining the

difference in the level of satisfaction between male and female employees. This is general

research understand employees of Kolhapur City.

© Maheshkumar Devendra Mohite, MBA, BA, DCPE. M 9503947620

0% 2% 4% 6% 8%

10% 12% 14% 16% 18%

Information Technology Related Business in Kolhapur (2015-2016)

Information Technology - Jobs, Employees, Satisfaction

Kolhapuri people have good life style and personality. They are born talented with own

quality. They has own life, habit, personality and leadership quality. Kolhapur is a

historic city. It is popular district in Maharashtra State of country India. Last decades

there are various industries in Kolhapur. Kolhapurchi Ambabai and Jyotiba Temple,

Rankala Lake, wrestling, food, vegetable etc are famous from all over India. Kolhapur is

one of the attractive tourist places from India. Deccan Vipassana Research Centre is

widely famous at international level. Suger and Jaggery of Kolhapur are very famous.

There are four major industries in Kolhapur. Those are Shivaji Udyam Nagar Industry,

Shiroli MIDC, Gokul Shigaon MIDC, Five Star MIDC in Kagal area. Now one more industry

is added that is Information Technology. 10 to 15 Cr already invested for developing IT

industry in Kolhapur city. In Today’s environment Kolhapuri IT companies are expert in

Support, Develop, Maintain and Design various Software, Hardware and Network

System. Kolhapuri Software Companies businesses are famous in Domestic, National

and International location. Yearly 1, 54,245 candidates are attracting for job purpose to

this city. Information Technology companies are expanding its business to national and

international level. Kolhapuri Software companies are designing, developing and

maintaining Software. Kolhapuri Information Tehnology companies are leader in

today’s market by considering his creativity, ability and employee power. Software

Companies hire employee who has best technical and non technical skill. According to

my observation, there following business found in IT industry of Kolhapur city (Ref

Table Number 1). Those business areas are 16 % Software, 8% Hardware, 14%

networking, 4% Clouds, 16% Sales, 13% Service, 11% Support, 12% outsources and

Table 1

© Maheshkumar Devendra Mohite, MBA, BA, DCPE. M 9503947620

Rs. 0 Rs. 10,000 Rs. 20,000 Rs. 30,000 Rs. 40,000

Salaries offer by IT’s Companies Kolhapur (2015-2016)

Trainee Fresher Small Experience Mid Experience Large Experience

other 6% other business found in Kolhapur. Yearly 1,500 to 6,000 people are wailing to

join in software companies in Kolhapur city. Kolhapuri IT companies offer salary

approximately between 3,500 Rs to 1, 50,467 Rs to right candidates. Software

Companies offers salary approximately between 6, 500 Rs to 3, 12, 800 included all

benefits. Following table 2 shows that, approximately ‘Salaries offer by IT’s Companies


Positing Trainee Fresher Small Experience Mid Experience Large Experience

Software Rs. 6,500 Rs. 8,300 Rs. 17,500 Rs. 28,500 Rs. 32,000

Hardware Rs. 6,800 Rs. 7,500 Rs. 14,080 Rs. 25,000 Rs. 38,000

Networking Rs. 6,200 Rs. 7,000 Rs. 16,200 Rs. 18,050 Rs. 22,000

Clouds Rs. 9,000 Rs. 12,000 Rs. 18,950 Rs. 20,500 Rs. 23,560

Sales Rs. 6,400 Rs. 13,000 Rs. 15,000 Rs. 17,560 Rs. 18,960

Service Rs. 7,000 Rs. 14,500 Rs. 16,030 Rs. 18,500 Rs. 20,150

Support Rs. 4,500 Rs. 6,500 Rs. 7,500 Rs. 12,560 Rs. 14,005

Other Rs. 4,650 Rs. 7,000 Rs. 9,000 Rs. 10,000 Rs. 14,000

According to local HR agencies, freelancer, institutes, non-profit organization like

‘Aary Infoline organization’ are told that regularly we are facing such employees

problems, they are looking for change or switch from their jobs from most IT

companies; IT employees willing to go in Pune, Bangalore and Mumbai city. Especially

IT company’s employees don’t like salary comparing to work and environment. Fresh or

Employees doesn’t satisfy with naukri, payscale, monster, indeeds, timesjob, shine

recruitment services because they offer foolish jobs, salary and calls for this city. Such

recruiter cannot support well with free service. They provide well job service to paid

candidate only. Such company’s salary reports are not true. IT companies expect more

from new candidate. Technical candidates are frustrated with too much computation

Table 2

© Maheshkumar Devendra Mohite, MBA, BA, DCPE. M 9503947620

and assign jobs. Companies are hired employees by using various complicated

technique. Generally they are finding right candidate; just like three pot filter technique.

Assume that pot ‘A’, pot ‘B’ and pot ‘C’ are sit on one another. Such pot is used to filter

muddy water by using pot and comes out pure water from last pot. Like such technique

IT companies are filter candidate for obtaining right candidate for companies work. IT

companies demand more from employees or student. There are following major skill

requiring for joining and securing his or her job. I am shocked that too much

expectation form single employee or candidate. They cut salary of employees if he or

she has not updated knowledge. The Most IT companies offer jobs to candidates who

has following skill that are Analytics, Analytical, Applications, Application Development,

Attention to Detail, Architecture, Big Data, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence,

Business Process Modelling, Cloud Computing, Code Coding, Computer, Communication,

Content Strategy, Content Management, Configuration, Critical Thinking, Customer

Support, Database, Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Intelligence, Data Mining, Data

Science, Data Strategy, Data Storage, Database Administration, Design, Desktop Support,

Developer, Development, Documentation, Emerging Technologies, File Systems,

Flexibility, Hardware, Help Desk, Implementation, Internet, Information Systems,

Installation, Integrated Technologies, IT Manager, IT Optimization, IT Security, IT Soft

Skills, IT Solutions, IT Support, Languages, Logical Thinking, Leadership, Linux ,

Management, Messaging, Methodology, Metrics, Microsoft Office, Mobile Applications,

Motivation , Networks, Network Operations, Networking, Operating Systems,

Operations, Organization, Presentation, Programming, Problem Solving, Product

Development, Product Support, Product Management, Product Training, Project

Management, Repairs, Reporting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Security, Self

Motivated, Self Starting, Servers, Software, Software Development, Software

Engineering, Software Quality Assurance (QA), Storage, Support, Systems Software,

Team Building, Team Oriented, Teamwork, Tech Skills Listed by Job, Tech Support,

Technical, Technology, Technical Services, Tech Skills Listed by Job, Technical Support,

Technical Writing, Testing, Tools, Time Management, Technical Writing, Training,

Troubleshooting, UI / UX, User Experience Design, Virtualization, Web, Web

Development, Web Design, Work Independently etc. IT employees are facing critical

problem for updating too much knowledge. More problems occur Daily 12 %

candidates are hired from 50 interviewed candidates. A hired employee is in shock

© Maheshkumar Devendra Mohite, MBA, BA, DCPE. M 9503947620

10 13 25 2118 13





Male Female

R es

p o

n d

en t


Job Satisfaction of employees Survey



Not Sure

when they are listen salary of job position. Employee has no any choice for accepting

job. Later on he or she registers in HR agencies for next opportunity, after he was

joining in companies, new joined employees meet top to bottom of company’s pervious

employees. If previous employees not satisfy with new one or miss guide them then it

affects on job satisfaction of employees. According to E.A. Locke (1976) ‘Job satisfaction

is a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or

job experience.” A more recent definition of the concept of job satisfaction is from Hulin

and Judge (2003) who have noted that job satisfaction includes multidimensional

psychological responses to an individual's job, and that these personal responses have

cognitive (evaluative), affective (or emotional), and behavioural components. I was

asked a question to my Information Technology friends on my ‘Whatsapp’ group

account who are working in IT’s industry (Kolhapur), then what happen let’s see

following, Sample size 100 respondent. I have 100 IT friends means 100 respondents.

Here we used convenience sampling method. Primary Data will collect through

questionnaire. I messaged in group asking two questions to all. That question is,

1. What is your gender? [ ] Male [ ] Female

2. Are you satisfied with your job in Information

Technology Companies of Kolhapur City?

[ ] Yes, [ ] No, [ ] Not Sure

Data was collected and analysed. According to final result, here Participated and

answered me; 53 Male, 47 female respondents in Survey. (a) 23 Respondents told that

[Yes] – They are satisfy {Male 10,

Female 13 are satisfy}; (b) 46

Respondents told that [No] – They

are not satisfied in that {Male 25,

Female 21 are not satisfied} and

(c) 31 Respondents told that [Not

Sure] - They are not sure in that

{Male 18, Female 13 are not sure} According to above (Ref table 3), 10% male and 13%

females are satisfied with Jobs. 25% male and 21% female are not satisfied with their

jobs. 18% male and 13% female are not sure about satisfaction of Job. There are

problems with job satisfaction of employee in Information Technology companies of

Kolhapur city. I suggest to those companies that do something new for employee’s job

satisfaction otherwise horror effect will appears in yours IT companies of Kolhapur city.

Table 3

© Maheshkumar Devendra Mohite, MBA, BA, DCPE. M 9503947620

Here again question arise, is it sufficient data for best conclusion? What factors behind

their for job satisfaction? What’s level of satisfaction between male and female? Above

result is ok for less understanding but there need advance research who is presently

conducting by us. This research is demanding from more than 15 popular software

companies or IT’s industry from Kolhapur city, We are collecting information from

employees from those companies in Kolhapur city for further analysis, finding,

conclusion and suggestion.

Author Signature of Maheshkumar

About Author:

Maheshkumar Devendra Mohite

He was completing M.B.A in Management with special subject HR and Marketing in June

2016 from KITIMER, Kolhapur institute and degree was awarded by Shivaji University,

Kolhapur. He is working in ‘aary Infoline Organization’ (non-profit organization) at the

position of ‘Business Manager’ from July 2010 – Present. In 2004 – 2010, He was

‘Management Consultant’. He is expert in in manage business, employees and its

function. He is social worker. He was completed ‘Diploma in Computer Engineering

(DCPE)’ from MSBTE, Mumbai from institute D. Y. Patil Polytechnic, Kolhapur in May

2004. Reside at Rukmini Nivas, City: Nej, Taluka: Hatkanangale, Dist: Kolhapur Pin Code:

416110 Search author on website of google, facebook and linkedin.

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