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This was my report after doing my internship with Ultimate Multimedia consult (UMC) in Gabba Kampala Uganda. It was a fabulous experience for me to learn on job and acquire some skills in analysing media content, data analysis, presentation, website designing and hosting among others
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A Report on Internship At Ultimate Multimedia Consult Ltd –

Gabba June 10, 2015 to August 4th 2015




Report submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Journalism and Communication

Of Makerere University Kampala


Signature: ……………………………………………………


University Supervisor

Signature: ……………………………………………………


Field Supervisor

Signature: ……………………………………………………



I declare that this internship report is my own original work. Where other people’s work has been used, I have correctly acknowledged it with accordance to the university standards.

I confirm that I have not used work previously produced by another student or any other person to hand in as my own.

I have not allowed and I will not allow anyone to copy my work with intention of passing it off as his or her own work.

Signature ………………………………………………………..


I am heartily thankful to my supervisor, Antonio Kisembo, whose encouragement, guidance and support from the initial to the final level enabled me to develop an understanding of the online Journalism.

I also owe my deepest gratitude to my colleagues’ fellow students whom we interned together at Ultimate Multimedia Consult (UMC) including Derrick Ssenyonga, Zahra Abdul for the sacrifices they made during our stay at the company.

In a special way, the staff at Ultimate was very cooperative and did a lot in shaping me in various ways through guidance, lectures, and encouragement. Special thanks go to Mr. Philemon Badagawa, Mr. Desmond Wambi and Mr. Gerald Businge.

I have to appreciate the guidance given by other supervisor as well as my lecturer Mr. Joseph Okrut whose wise advice and encouragement has improved our presentation skills thanks to their comment and advices.


I chose to do my internship at Ultimate Multimedia Consult Ltd multimedia organization offering news, information and knowledge for best multimedia practices.

Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd is a non-profit multimedia company formed in 2003 by journalism and mass communication graduates to provide a platform for practice for journalists to excel, and for skills development through direct news, communication and training services. Ultimate Multimedia Consult is the for profit arm of our group offering online and mobile based value added news, information and knowledge products and services.

Because of the growing demand for online journalism and with the emergency of digital age where almost everyone is embracing new technology with its new communication channels, the social media with platforms like facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Linked In among others, I thought it important to do my internship with UMC to enable me have gainful practice, key skills of online writing, editing and packaging news, features, press releases, background or position papers, reports and other communication materials in the Print and Electronic media; Advertising, Public Relations and other communication related fields.

With that fulfilled, as an intern with the company, I carried out a number of activities which defined my work at UMC and these were as follows;

Through the various training sessions, I was able to constructively write stories for online sites that the company has such as , was able to learn how to pitch stories, tag them, packaging information for online consumption as well as being able to create personal news sites such as blogs and how to upload them among others.

Under the company supervision and facilitation, we were able to have field tours for instance we were able to go to Wankuluku for the annual CBS POWESA 2015 trade fare exhibition and we were able to learn using various cameras in producing content for the company such as videos, still photos, vox pops as well as interviews with various traders.

Also as part of my work, I carried out research on various topics as instructed by my field supervisor and also attended the various training sessions we had. Through my work at the company and by critical observation, I learned important lessons that I will, in no doubt, be instrumental to the shaping of my future career.

In the two months of internship, all was not rosy. There were challenges I faced as an intern student at the company. First and foremost, for a meal, Lunch was undeniably tough. There was no food provided at work whereas food prices in the restaurants and joints around court premises were extremely high and not pocket friendly.

Secondly, on some days, not enough work was referred to me. There are days I had not enough work and yet, as the internship required, I had to be assigned activities every day.

Further still, to remedy this I took on more responsibility, or pursued an interest outside of work. I dedicated my time to my blog https:// Limited access to computers and internet connections was another challenge, the internship training being majorly an online interface demanded fulltime interface with internet and it was always difficult to have efficient internet connections which in turn could affect our performance. The company being located in Gabba, it was always tricky to board a taxi daily from Kikoni where I was residing to my internship place and at one time, I could not raise the transport to there, my internship allowance was never released and I concluded the internship minus the money. Despite all this, I would get to work early as expected. There are also times I worked longer hours, especially when I wanted to advance my skills, I would remain at the company up to until 9:00 pm.

This internship was career-related professional work experience that enhanced my education by giving me experience applying my knowledge and skills in the workplace. The advantages of taking on the challenge are endless. Internships work served as a stepping stone for my future. I had different activities for my

work, however these came with some challenges, as noted earlier, all was not rosy! However these challenges may be handled in a number of ways as outline below.

Recommendations Students should be encouraged to own personal computers such as Laptops. As earlier mentioned, the company was basically training online journalism and required hand son computer training which was a hurdle. It was prior indicated to us internees that a laptop was a requirement however majority of us did not own them. Therefore if the department of journalism can recommend students or make it as a requirement for all students joining the institution on the same program to have them, it would save the embarrassment as well as helping engaging students with practical skills.

Parents should be encouraged to provide an extra funding for students during internship; such monies can be used to buy data bundles, modems, and transport among other necessities for students during the internship period. Some parents do presume that the money provided by the university is enough which is not true because a lot of money is spent on transport and feeding.

Table of Contents

1.1 Introduction

This chapter includes the background of the field attachment (UMC) the full description of UMC, its background, location, community, organization and size in terms of employees and socio-economic issues

1.2 Background of the field attachment program

The Department of Journalism and Communication introduced this internship program a year ago to complement other initiatives run to enhance students' learning experience and help them develop skills for employment. The Internship Program proactively builds relationships with employers to create opportunities to experience a variety of workplaces in Uganda. These opportunities are open to students to apply to from the end of their third year. According to the university, the move to make internship a core course unit was to make graduates more marketable as internship paper is indicated in the transcript. Many organizations had turned down graduates for employment due to lack of working experience. Internship therefore was considered as a measure to solve this problem. I therefore was required as my internship training to be at ultimate media consult to get basic skills that are required in the field to prepare myself for the future employment.

1.3 Objectives of my internship training

To enable me as a student to get hands-on experience real-life situation as I am expected to work in when I graduate. The students are therefore posted to different institutions, firms and courts of their choice so as to provide students with the opportunity to acquire mentorship and also test their interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made.

Field attachment provides an opportunity to students to apply the principles and techniques theoretically learnt into real-life problem solving situations. It bridges that gap between theoretical knowledge attained in the lecture rooms and the practical world. This way, it enables the student to have a feel of the course contents and be able to appreciate how they are applied in the practical world.

Internships provide students with an opportunity to develop attitudes conducive to effective interpersonal relationships. They meet new people and challenges at work and this teaches them how to relate with superiors.

To develop student understanding of work ethics, employment demands, responsibilities and opportunities.

This field attachment provides students with an in-depth knowledge of the formal functional activities of a participating courts, firms and institutions.

1.4 Background of Ultimate Media Consult Limited (UMC) a Media Production Industry

Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd is a non-profit multimedia company formed in 2003 by Journalism and Mass Communication graduates to provide a platform for practice for journalists to excel, and for skills development through direct news, communication and training services.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult is the profit-making company offering online and mobile based value added news, information and knowledge products and other services including online journalism training services among others.

UMC ltd runs several new media ventures including ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, among others.

After more than seven years operating a news agency, a communications agency, as well as research, productions and training services in which the company was able through different divisions to produce different journalism, editorial and other communications products for different media and clientele under Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd, its members resolved in 2010 to up the company’s services, with a special emphasis on developing platforms and apps as well as training people and organizations on how to do better journalism and communications for themselves.

1.5: Gender in the company

At Ultimate Multimedia consult, there are both males and females. It is very sensitive to gender issues and all are equally distributed in areas of influence. In fact, there is equality in duty allocations as well as promotions.

1.6: The Structure Ultimate Multimedia Company

At Ultimate Multimedia Consult, they are headed by founders, then Managing Director, content manager & legal adviser, multimedia innovations manager, training director, social media and promotions manager, finance and administration officer, operations manager, consultant, content managers and content producers.

1.7: Main activities done at Ultimate Multimedia Ltd.

Ultimate Multimedia Company offers training in Journalism, Writing, Design, Multimedia Production, Profiling, and Public Relations among others.

The company offers Multimedia documentation and profiling services for individuals and an organization, provide journalistic news and features as an agency to other media outlets and to their online publishing Platforms, live streaming, among others.

Chapter Two

2.2.1 Chapter Two: Experiences

2.1: Position While at Ultimate, I was an intern with no specific post. I was however assigned with content gathering for my site as well as the Campus Times website.

2.2 Duties and Responsibilities

As instructed by my field instructor. I was able to write news pieces for online publication as well as appreciating the use of personal sites that is blogs.

I was also able to learn how to create websites, blogs, through interfacing with Under these lessons, I was able to learn how to customize blog widgets, uploading content, creating sliders, as well as tagging so that one’s blog can easily be found on various search engines.

I also learnt basics of shooting video clips, editing and production, differentiating various types of shots, how to caption, and camera positioning in carrying out interviews as well as learning about the various video editing software.

From the various assignments given to me and the other duties, I acquired knowledge and skills. It is worth noting here that much of this knowledge was practical and often acquired through observation.

2.3 Supervision Levels and Relationship with supervisor

We were supervised and monitored by our field supervisor on a daily basis and guidance, advice was always given to us by the supervisor. During the internship period, I was also supervised by my academic supervisor who appreciated and was impressed the training and work e had done so far.

2.4 Our Work Team

At the internship place, we were all responsible for the work we were meant to do. We chose one of us to be the team leader and would mobilize us for everything we would be involved in.

2.5 Working relationship with staff members

We had good time with the staff at ultimate. They were very accommodative and inspiring. They would guide us in all aspects, mentoring us, and friendly.

2.7 Interests, challenges and what can be changed

2.7.1 Interests

During the internship period various interests were identified which included the following;

Gaining practical experience in the media field through news reporting, news story editing and uploading content as well as popularizing stories online.

Networking through interaction with new people, in terns, in conferences and work place thus establishing contacts, this was really awesome.

Facing the real world and learning how to cope up with whichever situation basing on the challenges faced in the later. I was able to learn that online reporting and writing needs to be simple and fast.

2.7.2 Challenges

It is a criterion a company policy that every intern was required to carry their personal computers for easy learning. It was indeed trick and quite challenging for most of us who never owned one that sometimes you would reach the company and find the available computers already taken. Nevertheless we managed to maneuver.

Because the place was a bit far, it was very uneasy to always be there on time imply because there was always traffic jam in town especially on Entebbe Road. This would facilitate that one wakes up very early and go.

2.7.3 What can be changed I urge the management of Ultimate Multimedia Consult to ensure that the internet is worked on and be fast, and may be think about motivating interns such as maintaining the best interns.

Chapter three: Evaluation on field attachment

3.1 Level of accomplishment of other duties and responsibilities assigned In the field and the student was also able to acquire different skills from these other activities. These duties assigned by the field

supervisor were very tiring as they were relevant to the expectations of the field attachment. These were therefore to be accomplished because they were for trainees benefit both in the short and long run. They contributed to us interns learning and experience while activities were general to all of us and we were able to accomplish them.

3.1 Knowledge and skills in the duties assigned

Class work was extended to real field conditions. This developed my inventiveness and skills. There was exposure to journalism and communication practice and therefore skills were acquired in analyzing and planning strategies that can improve media practice as required from the field attachment.

The fact that it was a multimedia company, there were many skills I got acquainted with and they include;

Communication skills acquired through public speaking and listening, and were relevant to my cause because it enabled us to effectively communicate by addressing and communicating to various categories of people.

Interaction and socialization skills were also among the skills I acquired through interacting with different people of varying behavior and attitudes such as Ultimate Multimedia staff, sources and other people and this was most important because it helped

me in knowing how to deal or interact with different people I meet and so as to achieve the intended objectives.

News writing, reporting and production skill was also enhanced through attending newsworthy conferences, trade fair at Wankulukuku reporting news life and the staff. This enabled me to know how to work together for combined knowledge and output in research.

During my internship at Ultimate, I was able to learn and enhance my photography skills through taking photos to back up the reported information. Pictures truly speak volumes thus a picture is worth a thousand words. I was also able to acquire analytical skills through analysis of different situations and cases such as crisis communication deciding on possible solution and this is always necessary in decision making after any analysis of a certain problem has been done.

3.2 Challenges faced There were limited computers from the company and since we had as interns been required to report with personal computers, it was really very tiring for me to cope up with the situation.

That meant that I would always report at my internship place very early in the morning so as I can book a computer. This gave me an opportunity to identify myself with the company and I always

find time off the normal days for internship to go there like at the weekend to compensate the days I would not be able to access a computer.

The weather was harsh in that to a greater extent sunny thus dusty roads exposed life to airborne illnesses such as flu. This was managed by reporting to work before tough sunshine.

Kampala being filled with thugs who pretend to be journalists it would first be hard for in terms to access the conferences basing on a pretext that the acceptance letters presented might be forged. This was managed by attending the conferences with senior reporters and ever presenting the original acceptance letters.

3.3 Benefits derived from Field of attachment The field attachment was a blessing to the student in that she benefited a lot both practically spiritually, morally and socially.

I also gained experience in online content uploading and managing sites and to date I can individually control both the production and uploading of content.

I also have been able to establish contacts not only with the company’s workers and fellow interns but also with other met individuals in the field which has become and will continuously become beneficial.

3.7 Adequacy in the university preparing the student for internship

The university’s field attachment preparation for the field attachment is to a greater extent adequate. Shortcomings only com in when time to give students their internship allowances and the university is not ready.

More so, we continue to have students who were never supervised during internship either because students never informed their supervisors or coordinators about their placements or the supervisors claimed never to have received their facilitation. This in turn affects a student as they do not know how they would be graded.

3.8 Preparedness of the agency to receive and manage students for field attachment

Ultimate Multimedia consult is a well organized and focused company as witnessed through its values. It issues acceptance letters to those considered constituting the duration, terms and conditions of the field attachment so that the student decides to report or not.

It also allocates students to various individuals in the company to train you in various fields of their expertise to avoid disturbances

and misunderstandings between the student and their field supervisor.

Importantly also is that the supervisor at Ultimate is also supposed to inspect the student’s reporting, movement, discipline and well being. The student therefore is under the host supervisors supervision and responsibility.



4.0 Introduction This chapter covers the overall conclusions and recommendations for chapter 2, 3, and 4.

4.1 Conclusions

On the whole, this internship was a useful experience. I have gained new knowledge, skills and met many new people. I achieved several of my learning goals, however for some the conditions did not permit. I got insight into professional practice.

I learned the different facets of working within online sites, reporting and updating them. I experienced that internet and personal computers are key for one to be the best in the journalism field, as in many organizations, is an important factor for the progress of projects.

Related to my study I learned more about the news production, gathering and dissemination and the challenges with online journalism. There is still a lot to discover and to improve.

The methods used at the moment are still not standardized and a consistent method is in development and adoption of the computer era.

In Uganda, online sites and web managing and designing is still a new and virgin area for one to explore despite the low accessibility of internet by our population which sometimes deters them from accessing information that would be important in shaping their lives. I have realized that almost every traditional

news company/ agency must have online platforms in order to thrive in this competitive era of digitization. It is therefore inevitable to have a website and knowledge to use it or how to operate it.

The internship was also good to find out what my strengths and weaknesses are. This helped me to define what skills and knowledge I have to improve in the coming time. It would be better that the knowledge level of the language is sufficient to contribute fully to projects and prepare me for my future career.

At last this internship has given me new insights and motivation to pursue a career in Journalism and Communication.

4.2 Recommendation Based on my internship experience this year, the following recommendations I give accordingly due to the different analyses and observations that was carried out.

The university should prioritize the introduction of serious practical sessions of their profession to avoid inconveniences caused in the initial stages of the internship period.

The university should send students for internship at least at every end of the academic year so that they get used to the working environment experiences, challenges and benefits.

More so, I realize that Journalism and Communication course needs a lot of practice. It is therefore prudent that the department of Journalism and communication in this university can consider

having all students having their personal gadgets like cameras and computers so that students frequently interface with the gadgets during practice. This would in turn help improve the efficiency and skill in the journalistic training. This would in turn prepare students for the field and internship places.


Appendices Appendices attached

Appendix I : The weekly Log Book

Appendix : II: Sample links of work done during my intern.



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