12 things that are worth memorizing

Utilizing the spare time and remembering a few things that we use recurrently in our daily lives would most surely ease up our lives a bit. Put together is a list of such things that are worth memorizing and would benefit you on a consistently.

Simple Conversion rates

conversion, 12 things that are worth memorizing   Image courtesy: learner.org Remembering a few conversion rates that are used repeatedly due to the difference in the standards used across the globe would help you in easing up your life. Pound to Kg Simply half the figure and subtract ten percent of the halved figure. So for 40lbs, half is 20, minus 2 is 18kg. Mile to Km 1 mile is approximately 1.6 km. which make 10 miles equal to 16 km and 100 miles to 160 km. Same applies for the velocity conversions of MPH to KPH. °F to °C Deduct 32, then multiply by 5, then divide by 9.

Measure and remember the length of your hand span

hand span, 12 things that are worth memorizing Image courtesy: itclips.net Remembering the distance between your thumb and index finger can help you estimate the sizes of various items. The size between your hands is an approximate measurement of your height, but more importantly it can be used for the bigger item sizes.

Remembering credit card and social security number

credit-cards, 12 things that are worth memorizing Image courtesy: allieddebtconsolidationloans.com Remembering your social security number and all of the information on your credit and debit card will provide immense help in the cases of emergencies or for the online shopping.

The Phonetic Alphabets

phonetic-alphabet, 12 things that are worth memorizing Image courtesy: notonthehighstreet.com The NATO Phonetic Alphabet occasionally come in handy for spelling out things over the phone or if you have an interest in military or aviation.

The 3’s Survival Rule

survival, 12 things that are worth memorizing

Image courtesy: businessinsider.com In the extreme cases where survival is your only chance left, the 3’s rule comes in handy.
  1. 3 minutes without air
  2. 3 hours without shelter
  3. 3 days without water
  4. 3 weeks without food

Location of Exits

emergency-exit, 12 things that are worth memorizing

Image courtesy: shutterstock.com Whenever you are entering a crowded place for example a shopping mall or a theatre, you must check out and remember the emergency exit locations. Who knows it may save your live in case of emergency and panic. Knowing the location of toilets would also add up to your convenience.

Basic words of kindness in Multiple languages

thank you, 12 things that are worth memorizing Image courtesy: lerablog.org Remembering the words for greetings, thank you, and you're welcome in several languages would be an interesting and productive activity.

Important Contact numbers

Contact-Numbers, 12 things that are worth memorizing

Since the introduction of cell phones, we no longer need to memorize the contact details of our acquaintances. However, in the cases of emergencies when the cell phone gets lost or stolen, remembering the contact details of your closed ones can help you a lot.

The Doomsday Rule 

Calendar, 12 things that are worth memorizing

Image courtesy: madison.k12.wi.us  It’s a trick with which you can easily calculate the day of the week of any date, whether it’s from the past or the future, in your head without needing to open the calendars. Further details can found in the link above.

Multiplication Tables

1-10-times-tables-chart, 12 things that are worth memorizing Image courtesy: guruparents.com Memorizing the multiplication tables from your elementary school would definitely help you in your day to day calculations.

Birthdays and Anniversary

gf birthday, 12 things that are worth memorizing Image courtesy: quickmeme.com The birthdays and anniversary hold a very significant value for the ladies and would mean a lot to them if you remembered them specifically the birthdays of you girlfriend or wife.

Clockwise Lockwise

clockwise-closed Image courtesy: mathsisfun.com A very basic rule of thumb for to open or close a screw based object is to open it by turning it counterclockwise and closing it in clockwise.
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