An Apple ‘7 Minutes’ a day keeps the Gym Away

With the start of the New Year, many people are pushing themselves hard to keep up with their New Year’s Resolution. As the most popular resolution for the year 2014 was to lose weight and fight obesity according to a latest survey, people are either struggling to get space in their local gyms or lacking time to do a proper workout. Considering these needs, Apple has come up with an amazing offer for its users around the globe.

Gym, Apple app, An Apple ‘7 Minutes’ keeps the Gym Away

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7 Minute Workout Challenge app is now being offered for free by Apple. A compilation of 12 different exercises, each with duration of 30 seconds and having a resting interval of 10 seconds, are equivalent to a full hour high intensity workout. All the exercises are as extremely simple to carry out and require no equipment at all. So all you need, to keep your body trimmed and toned, is your iPhone and a 7 minutes break from your busy schedule.

Craving already to start your 7 minutes workout for today? Let us give you the walkthrough to avail this amazing offer. Just open up the “Apple Store app”, scroll down, and tap the option labeled "Jump into the new year." A new page will then pop up, offering 7 Minute Workout Challenge free exclusively for Apple Store app users. Tap the Download now for free button to open the App Store app with your redemption code already provided. Redeem the code and wait for the app to install. And there is no stopping you now to get your body in shape.

The offer is valid for a limited time period and is claimed to expire by Feb 20, 2014. Also the Apple store app is available for free in the Apple store.

Apple app, An Apple ‘7 Minutes’ keeps the Gym Away

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You have to scroll down to the bottom where you will see this icon by the name “Jump into the new year”.

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