Dumbest Coding Mistakes

Coding has always been an exhausting job for a programmer. Completing a code without making any mistakes is surreal for the programmers. There are certain errors that are made by the programmers over and over again. Considering this, we have put together a set of such dumb mistakes made frequently that prove to be a head buster for the programmers.

Estimating the time

Eternal Clock, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

It is never too easy for programmers to estimate the completion time of their code. According to an Estimate, out of the total time for a successful run, almost half the time is spent in writing 90% of the code whereas the other half is spent in writing the rest of the 10%.  And if you are a veteran debugger, you may be able to debug the code at the same pace.

True Vs. False

True or False, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

A major contributor to the confusion of programmers is the error made in passing “true” or “false” in a function. The confusion is usually aided by the illogical placement of the function in the code.


free software, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

What if you spent days, trying to code for a program you need and you come across a ready-made open source software that does exactly what you need.


overflow, free software, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

The most usual and equally unexpected error happens to be the Overflow error ultimately forcing the developer to make a software update or a patch.

Matlab troll

matlab index, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

Programmers switching between Matlab and other coding languages mostly get trolled by Matlab index 1 problem.


fear, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

The feeling of failure usually constrains the programmers to release their code and it happens to end up in the pre-alpha form, hopeless.

Muddle headedness

Sleepy, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

The clumsy programming routines usually make the programmers gloomy by the end of the day. Smashing the head into a wall seems to be the only option left to make the brain start working again. Taking a good night sleep and starting fresh in the morning always proves to be viable for coding.


Procrastination, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

The fear of failure as well as the fear to succeed has proved to be a reason of procrastination for the programmers. Succeeding in the making of a code brings the thoughts of becoming a slouchy programming nerd stuck to their seat which surely isn’t appealing for many. And failing to succeed would definitely compel them to give up.

 Revision Confusion

version control, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

One may confuse the revised version of the code with the primitive and end up in a eternal cycle of debugging.

Min or Max, that is the question?

Min or max, Dumbest Coding Mistakes

When trying to find a minimum or a maximum value, programmers always go the other way round.

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