Facing your first ever University Mid-term Exam

 Whenever you enter into the university as a fresh student life seems to be very interesting. University life can be very amazing but among these interesting thing there are some ghosts that keeps on frightening student time and again. Yep! By these ghosts I mean exams and they can become your worst nightmares if you don’t prepare for them efficiently.

Exams especially Midterms exams can become very painful and frightening if you are encountering them for the first time in your university life. Passing your first midterm exams require especial study skills. The four basic things that you should do first for preparing yourself for the midterm exams are:

1. Consistency — Always be consistent in your studies from day one and regularly study your material and don’t waste time waiting for the tests

2. Connection — Always make your basic concepts clear and try to develop a connections with your previous knowledge.

3. Communication — Always try to remove your confusion by asking questions and try to do group studies that will help you clearing a lot of concepts.

4. Calm-down– Always try to relax and don’t take the tension of exams try to study as if it is fun. Don’t study as if it’s your duty or force fully imposed on you.


How to avoid Back to Back Tests Fatigue:

The above step can help you a lot in preparing for your first ever Mid Term exams but there can be a situation where you have to take two tests in one day and that can be very tough. Such back to back tests can become stressful because they are actually disturbing your normal study habits. In such situations it better to prepare yourself before the exams so that your burden is reduced on that particular day and manage your time efficiently. Don’t concentrate on only one subject but give equal time to both subjects. So, it really important to prepare yourself before the exams to reduces the effect of extra tension caused by back to back tests.

Preparing for Midterms

The most important factors that can keep your body alert are the sleep and nutrition. One should avoid smoking and junk food because the can reduce a person’s stamina.Always try to do exercise because it is an easy way to reduce your stress. Most importantly make a time table for your exam days and try to stick to it. Study well and try not to memorize thing but understand the basic concept behind them. If you have the basic concept you can answer any question related to the topic efficiently. Always remember to take all the necessary tools you‘ll need during exams and try to take with you an extra  pen, pencil.

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