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Good postures don’t just adorn your personality but they also provide multiple health benefits as well. Good postures provide a confident appearance and can even make you look slimmer. You even look taller with a good straight posture. With your spine in a straight position and shoulders held back, the organs inside your body are placed at the perfect position to enhance their functionality. Different-Types-of-Posture, Gadget to straight you up   Courtesy: On the contrary, the person with a slouchy stance may actually face tremendous amount of problems. Poor posture actually accelerates the aging process, decreases the lung capacity, deteriorates the digestive system and strains the spine. A slouched over person may even look depressed, uninterested in his work and lazy. Considering the benefits dwelled in a good posture, Lumo BodyTech has recently launched a small wearable gadget named the Lumo Lift, which nudges the body of its user whenever it detects a slouchy posture. Available in a variety of colors, the Lumo Lift senses the orientation of the body and vibrates when the body tends to be slouchy, thereby alerting the users to correct their posture.

lumo bodytech sensor, Gadget to Straight you up

This small and sleek design of the device allows its users to easily clasp it to an undershirt or a collar. The device tracks all the body movements and positions and as soon as it feels any disorientation, it gently vibrates to remind the user to hold their shoulders back and head uplifted. The device also keeps a track of the progress of the user and regularly sends a feedback through a mobile app.

lumo bodytech sensor 2, Gadget to Straight you up

Lumo Lift is expected to be launched in the late spring this year with an estimated cost of $59-$79. The designers are also looking forward to provide a more appealing design to the device in form of wearable smart jewelry in the near future.

Lumo Lift 2, Gadget to Straight you up

5556   09/01/2014

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