Handy Robots at CES’14

Each year the Consumer Electronics Show puts together a wide range of technological showpieces, promising a better and comfy future to anticipate. This year, the Las Vegas Convention Centre held the privilege to host CES’14. ‘The Robot revolution is here’ was the tag line of this mega event comprising of a huge display of technological advancements in the field of robotics, entertainment and much more. As robots are acclaimed to be The Future, they already have started filling up our day to day routines, relieving us from those hectic jobs we’ve always hesitated to perform. Sooner than you think, robots will become an integral part of our lives. A list of 5 most handy robots from CES’14 has been put together.

Five Elements Robotics' Budgee

budgees, Handy Robots at CES’14

Image Courtesy: 5elementsrobotics.com With funky eyes, Budgee is developed by Five Elements Robotics, that is designed to be a perfect little helping hand. Budgee can carry a load of upto 50 pounds and is equipped with a locking system ensuring the safety of your stuff. It has a built in follow on system that helps it follow its user around. So the next time you go for grocery shopping, make sure you are accompanied by Budgee..

Rydis H68 Pro Vac

 Rydis, budgees, Handy Robots at CES’14

The H68 is a future tech cleaning robot that performs the duties of mopping as well as vacuum cleaning. Overrunning its contemporaries, the H68 can perform both tasks simultaneously under the combined automated mode.

PIRO's Windoro Bot

 windowbot, Handy Robots at CES’14

Image Courtesy: mashable.com Piro Windoro is an automated robot that can take care of all your windows, investing a glittering look on your windows and glasses. Piro Windoro autonomously roams across the surface and cleans it on its course.


grillbot, Handy Robots at CES’14 Image Courtesy: latinospost.com Cleaning away your grills more effectively, the Grillbot is designed to relieve you from cleaning the grills next time you plan to have a Barbeque. Available at a price of merely 120$, the Grillbot is equipped with replaceable wire brushes and is able to perform its task autonously.

iRobot Scooba Update

 iRobot-Scooba, Handy Robots at CES’14

Image Courtesy: technobuffalo.com Latest in the addition, the iRobot Scooba is an updated version of its predecessor Scooba 390. Though slightly heavier and bulky than its previous version, the iRobot is claimed to produce three times more effective results than Scooba 390, cleaning away all the tough stains from your carpet.
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