Happiness, The Whole Story

Particulars related to happiness have always remained an enigma for the common mind. Every individual perceives the notion of happiness according to their own personal experiences and understandings. Gandhi’s ideology enlightens the essence of happiness as, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”. Psychologists believe that studying the positive emotions and happiness of people would enable us in helping an individual and the communities to recover from disorders and become happier in life. Listed below are some interesting facts related to happiness that have been extracted from the research being conducted for over decades.

Food for Happiness

Food for happiness, Happiness, The Whole Story

According to a scientific research, there are some specific biochemical hormones which stimulate those parts of brain that are responsible for emotional responses and movements hence affecting our moods. These hormones are abundantly found in white meat specifically Turkey and fish, milk and banana. Incorporating these in the daily diets will not only affect your mood positively but would also regulate the capabilities like learning, sleeping, sexuality and appetite.

Happier Beings

happier beings, Happiness, The Whole Story

A survey related to happiness among the people divulged some interesting facts. The survey claims that married individuals are more inclined to happiness as compared to the singles. The proportion of happiness is observed to mount further with the healthier individuals as compared to the average ones. A slight decrease in happiness on average is seen in the couples having a child.

Exercise for Happiness

Brain stimulation, Happiness, The Whole Story Scientific research asserts that exercise of the body produces specific proteins that actually help in making people happier. You don’t need to spend a great deal of time out of your busy work schedule. All you need is a 20 minute walk outside your work environment in good weather. This exercise will actually boost your positive mood and broaden your thinking which ultimately enhances your working memory and provides happier outcomes.

Community throws in with Happiness

Community work, Happiness, The Whole Story

Many of us take our community for granted and due to our busy schedules, we have forgotten its significance. On the contrary, Research claims that the two key players contributing to the factor of happiness globally are the sense of Community and the Communal celebrations. Taking out some time and doing some community work or spending it with your friends and family, will in fact put a very positive impact on your mood. Happiness is quite subjective and owns a unique set of definition for every individual but following the nature’s way proves to be integral for prosperity.   Courtesy: visual.ly/how-be-happy
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