Importance of Failure

Famous basketball legend Michael Jordan once said that “I failed over and over and over in my life…that´s why I succeeded”.

Believe it or not all the successful people have experienced the joy of failure. Famous author J. K. Rowling, who wrote famous Harry Potter books. There was a time in her life when she actually thought of committing a suicide because she did not have enough resources to feed her kids. Important thing that I want to prove here is that failing is an essential part of life. Now imagine if J. K. Rowling was not able to keep herself together during the difficult period and was not committed towards her writing. Ofcourse It is really hard to imagine that she ever thought of killing herself. We all have experienced failure at some level but only few people could convert the road of failure into the garden of opportunities.

Failing is Trying

Failing is actually like trying and without trying you cannot know your potential and cannot touch the sky of success. Once you have failed think of it as an opportunity deal with it like a brave solider the quicker you deal with it the quicker you will be on the track of success. A lot of people don’t want to deal with their failure and sit down for the miracle to happen. The truth is Life is all about doing positive actions and taking risks to achieve your goals.

We should accept our failures, try to embrace the failure and try to think of it as a new beginning towards success. Most people are often haunted by their past failures. One should feel strong as they have passed from their era of failure and try to start new journey towards success and one should not be afraid of the failures that lie ahead because they will only bring you closer towards success one way or the other. Always prepare yourself for the future and try to be strong because only then one can move towards success.

Accept Failure not Expect it

Accepting failure does not mean expecting the failure. The people who expect failure give their goals quite easily. Always be logical and forget about the failures and take calculated risks to achieve success. If you know that even if you fail you will overcome it increases your mental strength and improves your chances towards a great success.

591   14/08/2013

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