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In our day to day talks, the context of the conversations usually becomes predictable as it proceeds. It is because of this sensation that our mind starts responding to the things that we are expecting to hear and ignores the actual conversational arguments. It eventually creates misunderstandings and subsequent complications. However this can be avoided if we manage to take control of our minds and force it to focus on what is being said.

mishearing, Improve your Listening

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According to a research conducted by The Creative Organization,

“Listening is a state of absolute receptivity…you don't expect anything and you don't want anything.

This state of receptivity also applies to listening to music, and even to the visual world. Broadly speaking, we can listen to a painting or a photograph in the same way we listen to a symphony. We can take it in, initially at least, without going on and on about it inside our own minds.”

Our expectations can suppress our abilities to listen accurately. This may happen while listening to music, talking to someone, or simply listening to our loved ones discussing their daily problems. If we can rectify the phase where our mind starts presuming the things out of our expectations and start focusing on what’s really happening, we can remedy our ability to grasp the conversations properly.

Listening to loved ones, Improve your Listening

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You may not have noticed it or the very existence of such phenomenon may have taken you by surprise, but it actually happens almost every day while you talk to your colleagues, friends or family. You may find it difficult to diagnose and rectify but the first step towards abjuring your expectations is to consider their existence in the first place. You can start noticing it in your daily conversations with your colleagues or your acquaintances with whom you interact daily. Just focus and keep listening to the conversation and observe how they want you to react.

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