The Lighthouse Monster is Back

As the Polar Vortex is spreading across the United States, shattering all the temperature records on its way, it is said to have affected over 190 million people. Some parts in the mid-west are recorded to be frostier than the Antarctic coasts in winters, which is in fact way to icier than the deep freezer. Even Hell itself is said to have frozen over since the small town of hell, Michigan, is facing a record low temperature of -17C (1F). However it was Embarrass, Minnesota, which has the lowest temperature recorded up till now, with the readings dropping below those of the Red planet, Mars. In the viciousness of the weather, an astonishing snap of a frozen lighthouse is circulating over the social networks. The icicles hanging over the lighthouse with a clear blue background are pretty much giving a look of a fairytale Ice Castle. Lighthouse last year, The Lighthouse Monster is Back But the reality is in fact way too frostier than that. The picture of the light house is actually an year older and it does not even closely resemble the ferocity it is exhibiting this year. The ice has completely annihilated the lighthouse and its clearly acquainting the wilderness of the weather. lighthouse this year, The Lighthouse Monster is Back The lighthouse along with the Lake Michigan are occasionally said to ice up in the coldest part of the winter but the contrast in the appearance due to the severity of the weather can be clearly observed. lighthouse and lake michingan, The Lighthouse Monster is Back Even Mr. Freeze seems to have a tough time dealing with the Polar Vortex. Mr, Freeze, The Lighthouse Monster is Back         Courtesy:
12645   09/01/2014

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