Patience, the only way to survive in College. But How??

Sir Isaac newton once said, “If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent.”

Impatience and Anxiety

With the introduction of enormous online databases and libraries, any type of information is now a click away. Due to the availability of instant answers for different obscure theories, the students are thriving on hasty gratification. On the contrary, the level of anxiety and impatience has also aggrandized among the contemporary scholars.

Frustration, Patience, the only way to survive in College

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Gratification with Patience

Delayed gratification in the form of Patience is the only quality that helps students remain calm and clearheaded in the difficult and spiteful conditions of colleges. Thereby helping the students to stay vigilant while refuting complications in their studies and achieve intellectual tangibles.

Advantages of Patience

Patience, once acquired, helps the students by delivering the following benefits.
  1. Being optimistic in all sorts of situations and never resigning
  2. Being more result oriented
  3. Being able to endure the feeling of waiting without getting infuriated or frustrated

5 Way to acquire Patience

patience, Patience, the only way to survive in College Image Courtesy:  As a student you may find the following tips quite helpful in acquiring the luxuries of Patience. • The first tip requires you to incorporate your psychic abilities to control your temper and gain patience. You need to find a small object that would act as a symbol of your patience and would remind you of the repercussions whenever you lose your temper. It can be a keychain, a button or any other handy object. Eventually you will be able to cope up with your amulet and calm down in raging conditions. • In absurd circumstances, try to look at yourself from a different outlook. It helps in avoiding mistakes and remaining calm by judging the facts more closely. • People often regret over different decisions they’d made in life. It usually occurs due to the judgments made in haste. To avoid such conditions you should take a deep breath and count to 5 to refute haste. This would help you in regaining your thoughts and making a more rational decision. If it does not work you may continue counting. • Meditation and other envisaging techniques are also a viable option to counter such conditions. • Engaging in activities which involve both patience as well as perseverance like knitting or embroidering can also prove fruitful to calm your nerves in a more effective manner.

knitting, Patience, the only way to survive in College

Image Courtesy:  Once the comfort of delayed gratification is endured, your ability to embrace intellectual remunerations will flourish, thereby making you more confident and critical thinker as you progress in the world. "Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish." John Quincy Adams.
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